Thursday, August 15, 2013

From Pumpkins To NO Pumpkins...

These are some of my VERY favorite pumpkins.
White Pumpkins !  

Last year, I purchased one of these beauties.

I had a plan...

The plan started with a display on the porch steps.

At the end of last Autumn, 
I tossed the Big White Pumpkin 
into the garden and split it open, leaving it to sit all winter.

Spring arrived and so did all of my 
little 'WHITE' pumpkin plants.  
I was proud...White pumpkins would soon be mine !

I thinned the plants, watered them 
and all around babied them !

I was rewarded with blossoms.
My goodness, you would have thought they were gold !
(Well, they are actually gold colored.)
Beautiful. ;)

This is how my pumpkin patch looks in August...
Where are the vines ?
(Normally they grow like weeds !)
Where are the little expanding pumpkins ?
Nothing !
I have no idea what has become of my little pumpkin patch !

How funny, did I actually take pictures all along... 
thinking I was going to post pictures at the end, 
of gorgeous Big White Pumpkins ?? 

On a different note...
I am so excited - Valdani Perle cotton is starting 
to arrive here and I am eager 
to begin listing it in Three Sheep Studio !
(Be watching in the next couple weeks 
for gorgeous colors to pop up in the Studio.)

I am dreaming of projects to dig into,
 to use this amazing thread.

Enjoy this beautiful day...


  1. Isn't that so frustrating? I'm having the same problem with my pumpkins. Seriously, how do pumpkin patches do it? ;)
    -Rachael from The Rehomesteaders

  2. Oh what a disappointment that must be. Guess it looks like you'll be buying them again this year.


  3. Oh no! I was so hopeful as I read down the post. Try again next year. Maybe 2nd time's the charm.

  4. Are their roots on top the soil? Weird. No one's garden did well here. We have three tomato plants left and only a few fruit on each. I've never had luck using seed from anything other than a standard pumpkin.

  5. Rose, I'm so sorry your white pumpkin patch didn't produce this year. I'm not a gardener but I do enjoy seeing pictures and reading about my friend's gardens. Maybe next year?

    The Valdani threads, on the other hand, look delish! Can't wait to see what you work up with them.

  6. Sorry about your pumpkins. Maybe because they are white you have to plant them from special hybrid seeds or some process needs to be done for them to actually progress past the flowering stage. Bet there is some scientific reason here.

  7. I am so sorry about your white pumpkins. Do you think the reason they didn't grow is because to the genetic engineering? I know that I have tried the same thing and I can't get anything to grow like that either. I always have to buy new seed. Well except this year, I have no pumpkins either. Not a single one. In past years I have had so many pumpkins to to have none this year just breaks my heart,
    But next year... I do love your Valdani floss. It looks like diamonds.

  8. Maybe the pumpkin was a hybrid and it won't reproduce again? Or maybe the weather this year was not condusive for growing certain things?
    Buy new seeds and try again! They are beautiful especially mixed with the gourds and squash.


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