Monday, September 2, 2013

Late Summer Colors And Textures...

 Amazing mushrooms

The gardens are beginning to show signs 
of a long summer... the weeds are creeping in 
and the pathways and garden beds 
are calling out to be edged.

But, pulling weeds and edging 
are no longer on my mind.
Soon, leaves will be covering them,
and no one will notice. ;)

There is still plenty of color and texture to be seen
in and around the garden...

A Sunsugar Cherry Tomato - golden yellow.
Sweet and delicious !

Clematis seed pods

A pow-wow

Cicada Shells

American Cranberry just beginning 
to turn deep cardinal red

A beautiful white caterpillar
(and another character that got in on the pic)

The Mums know it is September !

'Hens and Chicks'
'Cats and Kittens'
Anyone know of other names of this succulent ??

Late summer peaches and their rustic red seeds

A few trees are showing off early color

Cupcakes from 'Sublime Cupcakes'

Oops !  How did these get in here !
Well, they do have color and texture...

My number 2 daughter is at it again, bringing us treats...
Boston Creme - Mint Cookies and Cream
Key Lime Pie - Peanut Butter Cup
Cookies and Cream - Lemon Blueberry
Banana Cream Pie

Sweet Endings. ;)

Have a great Labor Day.


  1. Lots of eye candy here today. Great photos. Love the photos of the mushrooms.

  2. I put on 3 pounds just looking at that last photo.



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