Saturday, November 30, 2013

Experimenting With Different Needlepunch Backgrounds...

I have been needlepunching
in Valdani shades of Dark Antique Golds, 
Bronze and Backyard Honeycomb.

Rich, warm shades that I love 
at this time of the year.

I usually don't have any trouble deciding
on colors for the main focus
of a design.

But the background can sometimes
be a little tricky !

When I worked on this design, 
I was dreaming of a frosty background...
(on right)

This was NOT to be...
as I mentioned in a previous post,
the snowmen "melted" into the background.

My Winter Pine design fell to the same demise !

I actually really liked the color / design choices 
 on the right, but my nature is to 
lean towards a "cleaner" / sharper design, (on the left).

I will usually place several different colors 
next to the design, to see what might work.

I try to keep in mind the light / dark rule.
Dark against light and light against dark.

But, every so often I will break away 
and try unusual or different colors...
sometimes it works like a charm. ;)

Enjoy your weekend...


  1. That pineapple is beautiful! And both of those colors would be lovely with it! Hard to choose!

  2. I don't know, Rose.....I'm loving them both! I really love the Valdani threads. Their colors are hand dyed wool. I love the pineapple design...beautiful!

  3. You have such an excellent eye for color Rose. Your work is beautiful.


  4. The pineapple is beautiful! I want to learn about this craft, one of next year's goals, so I am watching EVERYTHING you do ;) Seriously, this is just another great 'educational' post. Thank you!

  5. Love those colors friend.
    You really do have the eye.
    Love that pineapple and snow love.
    Woolie Blessings

  6. I think your color choice is perfect. You have a great eye and talent! I also love the textued look of your work! Lovely!

  7. This has been a very helpful. I usually use Valdani hand dyed floss & did not realize I could use single strand Perle Cotton . Sometimes I use DMC as well. I LoVe doing punch needle. Your work is gorgeous! You have a good eye for color.


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