Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Spiders Have Arrived...

Each October, the spiders arrive,
clinging to the front of our house...
(I LOVE spiders !)

The pumpkins are also here...
time to decorate.

~ ~ ~

Picking out colors for my next project...
Valdani has so many rich, gorgeous colors,
it is hard to decide !

Not exactly sure which colors I will use,
so whatever catches my eye
goes into the egg carton for consideration.

Love this variegated Teal Blue (#O31)

Back of design

This design uses many rich colors,
with a golden surprise in the center.

~ ~ ~

My husband's Birthday is on Halloween !
(We LOVE Halloween at our house.)

To celebrate, I will be having 
a Halloween giveaway.
(Don't forget to sign up for 
the newsletter to participate !)

Enjoying every sweet moment of Autumn... ;)


  1. I always enjoy seeing what you are working on. Your spiders are great!

  2. Eek! I'd have nightmares with those spiders on my house - you're so brave! LOL Love all your pretty threads -

  3. Hooray....a new design!! How was the porch walk? Love the purple shoes by the way!!

  4. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! Or however you spell a spider spotting scream.

  5. LOVE your spiders! Annie and I are big fans of these creepy crawlies! Luscious colored threads!

  6. Love the new design. I used to be scared of spiders, but this summer I watched one make the
    most beautiful web and worked so hard at it. She had to make it several more times as the
    Umbrella kept moving and breaking one of your strands. She was diligent about it too.


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