Friday, January 2, 2015

Seed Catalogs And A New Year...

Punch Needle Embroidery by Rose Clay at

I'm looking forward to beginning 2015 with some
fresh ideas.  A year filled with inspiration.
A blank slate to fill.
A year that is sometimes in my control,
but more often not.

A year with just enough "trial and error"
to make a difference -
to stretch me and give me a new perspective...
and to be able to gracefully accept  
all that the coming year has to offer.

Punch Needle Embroidery by Rose Clay at

As the seed catalogs begin pouring into
my mailbox, I am now dreaming of Spring Flowers.
(Such a hard decision to try and narrow down
the selection of "new flowers" 
to be added to the gardens in the Spring.)

Valdani Variegated Perle Cotton Thread on

Beautiful Valdani variegated colors,
waiting to come to life.

Punch Needle Embroidery by Rose Clay at

Morning Grass ~ Ripened Plum
Antique Violet ~ Iris Petals
Nantucket Rose ~ Backyard Honeycomb

All coming together like a breath of fresh Spring air.
(oops, someone pinch me,
it is still waaaay cold out there !!)

Punch Needle Embroidery by Rose Clay at

As you go forward into 2015,
I wish you a creative and healthy New Year !


  1. Since we've just entered a long, dreary month I think your colorful blooms are just what we need. Happy New Year

  2. oh please no gardens yet. We haven't even had snow yet!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy New Year Rose

  3. Happy New Year to you as well. Just yesterday I was sitting on my back porch (with winter coat, gloves and scarf) planning for the next season! I think the Pa. girls have like minds. As always Rose, love your work and your color selection. Beautiful.

  4. I always enjoy your garden pictures...I'm sure you will make some great choices for this year.

    Happy New Year!

  5. I love your work and all of those happy colors. I wish you the same Rose, I just love when the seed catalogs start coming in too.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2015

  6. Hi Rose - what gorgeous colors your are using! And the design is so pretty as well.
    I so would love to work with Valdani threads but no one around here sell them.

  7. I just love the flowers, so bright and colorful, I wish you a creative New Year too,

  8. I'm afraid to look at seed catalogues when the temps are so low--my ambitions outgrow my time and gardeners back!


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