Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wool - Glorious Wool...

Wool Fabric at ThreeSheepStuido.com

~ Wool ~  
Glorious Wool !

Wool Fabric at ThreeSheepStuido.com

My work table is once again overflowing with wool fabric.
Hand Dyed Wool
Overdyed Wool
Mill Dyed Wool

Wool Fabric at ThreeSheepStuido.com

Snipping, tearing, cutting ...

Wool Fabric at ThreeSheepStuido.com

Colors, textures and sizes that are perfect 
for Wool Applique, are beginning
 to show up in my Studio !

Wool Fabric at ThreeSheepStuido.com
Wool Bundles perfect for Applique, Penny Rugs and sewing projects

Wool Fabric at ThreeSheepStuido.com

"Working hard for something 
we don't care about
is called stress.
Working hard for something 
we love 
is called passion."
                                                      (found on Pinterest)

~  ~  ~  ~

Have a creative day...


  1. Oh, I love your wool. I thought about doing that today, except for a sick kid, he hates the smell so I didn't want to make him more miserable. It is true though, dyeing wool always makes a great day, Your colors are beautiful.

  2. What a visual feast for the eyes Rose, I also lean towards the brights. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Such perfectly folded wool! Mine doesn't look like that but it is hard when every piece is a different size.
    Got my wool swatches from Betsy today. I must be strong, I must be strong, I must.....
    Hugs :)

  4. OH Rose - What eye candy you shared today! I love seeing all the colors and textures! It's been ages since I did any dyeing - I really need to get into the pots!

  5. Those are some beautifully colored woolens to start the day with! LOVE the quote too!


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