Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bay Leaves, Dried Orange Slices And Plump Cranberries...

Garland Making -

Gathering the supplies for Garland making...

Garland Making -

A group of longtime friends,
plump cranberries, dried orange slices
and fresh, glossy bay leaves...

Garland Making -

Sharing our Christmas memories of past times,
while stringing 'miles' of garland.
A lovely yearly tradition.

(If you are interested in stringing a garland,
you will need a sharp needle, upholstery thread,
bay leaves, cranberries and dried orange slices.
String one orange slice,
3 cranberries,
3 bay leaves,
3 cranberries.
 Repeat this pattern, for the desired length.
Tie off at ends.)

Carrot Coconut Cookies with orange glaze -

Each year, I look for a new cookie or two,
to add to our Christmas Cookie exchange.
This year I made these fabulous
Carrot Coconut Cookies, with orange glaze.
They can be found at 
if you want to try them !

Have yourself a wonderful Thursday...


  1. Rose, lovely garland. Are those fresh cranberries? Seems like they would be a bit messy and I would have red stain all over the place! I love the look of it through!

  2. Tradition matters and this is a perfect garland. Nice job.

    Peace and Blessings,

  3. Mmmmm.... i bet that garland smells wonderful!!! Cookies sound delish too... looks like it will be a baking weekend! :-)

  4. Thanks for the new cookie. The garland is fabulous. My bay leaves always break and I guess I should search for fresh.

  5. Your garland is just beautiful (& delicious) looking:) Your home must be just lovely.


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