Stitching Through The Rain Drops...

Wool Hexi's into Sweet Honeycomb -

"Oh Mister Sun.
Sun. Mister Golden Sun,
please shine down on me."

I used to sing this to my little ones all the time.

I've been looking for the sun.
It hasn't shone in... *forever* !
I'm about ready to build a boat !!

Rain drops make good stitching company,
but, really...
I'm beginning to run out of projects...
Okay, not really, but you get the picture !

Wool Hexi's into Sweet Honeycomb -

I've been cutting golden yellow hexi's
for my current project.

Wool Hexi's into Sweet Honeycomb -

I found when I simply blanket stitched around them,
they lost their "hexi" shape...
they became 'wonky' round shapes.  
So how do you keep the 'hexi' shape ??

Wool Hexi's into Sweet Honeycomb -
Wool Hexi's stitched with Valdani Perle Cotton

At each of the 6 Hexi points,
 you make a total of three stitches, each of the 
three blanket stitches shares the 'top entry point'.
Kind of like a triangle with a stitch down the middle.
(As shown in the above picture.)

Wool Hexi's into Sweet Honeycomb -

Nothing sweeter than perfect 
little honeycombs to chase away the rain !!

Stitching through the rain drops...


  1. I'm hoping your hexi honeycombs DO chase away this monsoon. Dang, you taught me a lesson about keeping crisp clean corners. THANKS!!!!!!!

  2. Great solution! I used this technique back in my hardanger days. I've loved doing a blanket stitch for years, especially with perle cotton & it's pretty sheen. Those hexes are making a great honeycomb!! Your raindrops have moved south to me so I will have to stitch through the raindrops this week....darn!

  3. That looks so pretty. I like the way that turned out. I thought I would tell you, I made it to the deer finally. :)