Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wooly Caterpillars And Wool Applique...

Wooly Caterpillar -

August is quietly slipping away...
as September makes her 
much awaited arrival.
The trees in our back lawn
are slowly starting 
to drop the occasional leaf...
you will miss it
if you aren't watching.

My husband is a road cyclist.
(as in bicycle)
He rides 80-100 miles a week.
The last few weeks, he has been
telling me the sun is different.
The smells are more pungent and
there are grasshoppers everywhere.
The farmers are beginning to take down crops.
Wooly caterpillars are beginning to cross
the roads.  There is a folk tale
that predicts the severity of the winter
by whether the wooly is black with a copper stripe
or copper with a black stripe.
(I don't care what they predict,
I just love to see their arrival !)

Wool and Perle Cotton -

The wool is out with threads to match.

Valdani Perle Cotton -
 Eye Candy !

Valdani Perle Cotton Thread and 
various sewing needfuls
are arriving every few days.
I am 'over the moon' when a new package 
awaits on my porch stoop !

Wool Applique by Rose Clay at

I've been working on some wool applique
in yummy pumpkin and golden shades.
I have a little twist to add to this applique...
check back this week to see !

Spending the afternoon 
in my 'nest' of sewing...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gentlewoman Tending Her Garden...

'Tending Her Garden' Punch Needle Design by Rose Clay at
"Tending Her Garden" Punch Needle Embroidery

One last release before I 'shoo' summer
out the door !

We have been having amazing weather and
the gardens are still overflowing with
plenty of produce.
I always put in one more planting of
green beans and spinach in early August.
September string beans are the best !
Tender and sweet.

'Tending Her Garden' Punch Needle Design by Rose Clay at

'Tending Her Garden' has a Fraktur feel to it.
Dated 1821, using a border and colors
commonly used in Fraktur work of that time.

'Tending Her Garden' Punch Needle Design by Rose Clay at

This gentlewoman, in her rich blue 'heart' apron,
is watching over her plot of blooms...
This design uses Valdani variegated Perle Cotton 
in Watery Weed, Vanilla Sky,
Midnight Blue, Rusted Orange...
as well as other shades.

'Tending Her Garden' Punch Needle Design by Rose Clay at
Tending Her Garden

This pattern is available in
the Studio.  Thread Bundles for this design
should be available by next week.

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer...

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Life On The Farm...

Farm Life -

Sometime ago, I shared that my #2 daughter 
and her husband, live on a working Amish Farmstead.
This farm takes me back to a simpler time.
Come, take a look...

Farm Life -

Each time we visit, I like to meander around
the farm and "take in" the sights.

Farm Life -

Individual names above the respective 'tack'
for each horse.

Farm Life -

Huge tractor wheels with metal treads 
for the fields.

Farm Life -

Barn Kitties, everywhere.

Farm Life -

Playful children.

Farm Life -

Tobacco, gleaming in the late afternoon sun.
Fields, as far as the eye can see.

Farm Life -

Love the texture of these corn stalk roots.

Farm Life -

Old feed trough, worn by decades of use.

Enjoy these beautiful summer days...

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Something's Bugging Me...

Hand Embroidered Bugs by Rose Clay at
 Wool applique, beads 
and a small inchworm.

Hand Embroidered Bugs by Rose Clay at
A beetle perched on a small scrap of wool.

Hand Embroidered Bugs by Rose Clay at
A tiny lady bug, balancing on a flower stem.

Hand Embroidered Bugs by Rose Clay at
One lone black ant.

Hand Embroidered Bugs by Rose Clay at
Bright green grasshopper on a wool leaf.

Hand embroidered bugs are the best !

August, already...

Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Is Flying By...

Ocean City, New Jersey -

There is just something about the ocean
that pulls it all into perspective.

Ocean City, New Jersey -

Quiet time to ponder life...

Ocean City, New Jersey -

Build sand castles with the kids...

Ocean City, New Jersey -

Daydreaming the days away...

Ocean City, New Jersey -

Long walks...

Ocean City, New Jersey -
My husband and I in New Jersey

The summer is just flying by...


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