Monday, July 25, 2016

Goes With Everything - Wool Table Runner...

Wool Applique Table Runner by Rose Clay at

I'm in the throws of making a table runner...
a wooly good "goes with lots of things" runner...

Light Colored Neutral Wool Fabric -

sorting through my stash of light colored neutral wool...

Wool Applique Table Runner by Rose Clay at

cutting and more cutting 
of small 'petals' to assemble...

Wool Applique Table Runner by Rose Clay at

In my eye...
dark coppery cinnamon and drab green
are both 'dark neutrals' !
(fingers crossed, this will somehow 
'pull together' when completed.)
A lot of times, I just throw myself into an idea
and see where it goes. 

Wool Applique Table Runner by Rose Clay at

The 'dark' and the 'light' play off of one another
and make the flowers or leaves (I haven't decided yet !)
 the focus on the runner...

Wool Applique Table Runner by Rose Clay at

I'm using Valdani variegated Perle Cotton 
in Aged White, medium, to applique the pieces in place.  
This shade is perfect for blending with all of 
the different shades of light colored wool.

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"Life is not a 
Life is about helping and 
inspiring others
so we can each 
reach our 
                                      Kim Chase
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Enjoy the start of your week...

Monday, July 11, 2016

A Philphlot...

Wool Applique by Rose at

This has been one of the slowest, sweetest summers
I've had in years.  We decided to do a few 'staycations' -
Day trips and an easy laid back schedule...
a little gardening, picnics, bike riding, long walks at dusk,
farmers market on Saturday mornings, cookouts with friends.
and lots of stitching (to keep me sane and grounded !)

Wool Applique by Rose at

I'm working on a Wool Applique project right now.

Wool Applique by Rose at

This is a "Philphlot" design...
If you're not sure what a Philphlot is...
check back and see... I'll show you the finished design
just as soon as I have it completed !

Wool Applique by Rose at

A lot of people have been asking about the silver
'wool' charm on my scissors.
I purchased mine from Ali Strebel.
It can be found HERE.

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"Good, old fashioned ways 
keep hearts sweet,
heads sane,
hands busy."
                                         Louisa May Alcott
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Enjoy this lovely summer day...

Thursday, July 7, 2016

'Always Blooming' Pintuck Punch Needle Design...

'Always Blooming' Punch Needle Design -

'Always Blooming' punch needle design. 

'Always Blooming' Punch Needle Design -

I am delighted to have my
pintuck punch needle design, 
with 3 sweet blooming pins,
included in the Summer Issue 2016
of Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher magazine.

A beautiful magazine that is filled to the brim
with patterns for punching, hooking and stitching !

to learn more. The magazine can be ordered 
by the single copy or a year subscription.

The morning sunlight on a vase of purple flowers...
loving those purple shades...

Quaker Ball Counted Cross Stitch -

More of that same purple in counted cross stitch.
This motif is one of 26 that I am working
on for my Quaker Ball project.  A year long project
that when complete will be hand pieced to form a ball.

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"Live a Quiet Life
Work with Your
                                            Found on Pinterest

~  ~  ~  ~

Look for the beauty in every day...

Friday, July 1, 2016

Labels And Hornbooks...

Hand stitched label for the back of a Hornbook -

Often when working on finishing projects,
I place a lot of time into how I want something 
to look when complete, but don't get around 
to making the labels.  
I'm starting to accumulate a list of 
projects that need labels...
punch needle, rug hooking, wool applique

First on the list -
Labels for the back of two hornbooks.

"A Mother's Watch" 1800 Fraktur Punch Needle Design -

"A Mother's Watch" punch needle design.
Punched with Valdani Perle Cotton.

Hornbook from Tara at Perfect Prim Punch

Last year, I released a punch needle design,
but wasn't quite sure how I wanted to 'finish'
it.  I decided I liked the hornbook idea, 
so I ordered another hornbook from the very 
talented Tara at Perfect Prim Punch.

'1787 Fraktur' Punch Needle Design -

"1787 Fraktur" punch needle design.
Punched with Valdani Perle Cotton.

Hand stitched label for the back of a Hornbook -

I painted the hornbook, (my 13 y.o. son picked out 
the color to match a shade in the wing), 
and then I stitched up a label for the back.

Two projects crossed off the list !

Next up....
Garden Mulch

I don't even know where to begin !
I'm beginning to think
I need to downsize my gardens...
nah, that's not going to happen !
Good thing my husband loves to spread mulch. ;)

Be safe and enjoy the holiday weekend...

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Very Small Wooly Good Project...

 A Small Wooly Good Project -

I have been working on a sweet, 
very little project, for my son.  

 A Small Wooly Good Project -

My music loving son turned 13 years old on June 1.
He got an IPod to store his generous
collection of music.  Perfect.

 A Small Wooly Good Project -

My job was to make a very small tote,
(wool, of course !) to house his IPod,
when we are in the car.

 A Small Wooly Good Project -

I wasn't going to hang any old sack in my car.
It had to have a little pizazz and still
fit the need.

 A Small Wooly Good Project -

This is perfect...a place for the IPod to rest...
(instead of in the cup holder, where it could get wet)

 A Small Wooly Good Project -

Seems like a simple little thing, 
but what can I say...
I love things that make life easier 
and meet a purpose. ;)

 A Small Wooly Good Project -

See the little bag, with the red IPod,
on the lower right ??
The Blue Tooth in my car picks it up instantly...
We are so easily entertained !

So what is on my Son's playlist ??
EVERYTHING "Twenty One Pilots"

Enjoy this beautiful Wednesday...

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