Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wool Feather Trees...

Wool Feather Trees -

I am having so much fun making 
these Wool Feather Trees...
These are a little over a foot tall.

The wool is 'Sweet Pea' and 
'French Vanilla Herringbone', both wools 
are from The Wool Studio.

I am loving the White Tree...
what do you think - do you have a favorite ?

Wool Feather Trees -

The directions are from Donna Bayliss.
She has done a fabulous job with all the details
to make these Feather Trees.
The directions include pictures with clear
step by step instructions to make
five different sizes of trees.
From 8 inches tall all the way up to 36 inches tall !

If you would like to make your own 
Wool Feather Tree, Donna sells the directions

Donna is a very talented Fiber Artist and Designer.
For more inspiration, you can also visit her Blog.

Stay warm and creative ;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stars And Pennies...

Working on a festive Punch Needle project.

Gorgeous Valdani variegated Perle Cotton...

Aged Wine ~ Dark Antique Gold ~ Ripened Plum
Cinnamon Swirl ~ Forest Green ~ Burnt Chocolate
Old Rose ~ Chimney Dust ~ Black Sea ...and more !

Valdani nestled in egg cartons...
waiting to be put to use.

Almost complete !

~ ~ ~
If you concentrate on finding 
whatever is good in every situation,
you will discover that your life will 
suddenly be filled with gratitude,
a feeling that nurtures the soul.
Rabbi Harold Kushner
"God's Fingerprints on the Soul"

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Blanket Of Pennies And New Designs...

The cold has moved in...
they are calling for 29 degrees tonight.
Time for extra blankets ;)

Black wool crow with a blanket of wooly good pennies.

The snow is softly falling...
'Grandma's House' is nestled among the pines,
warm and cozy...

Grandmothers have an amazing influence
on young peoples lives.

This Punch Needle Piece is a 'nod' to all
of those wonderful Grandmas
who have taken the time to pass their legacy
on to younger generations.

'Autumn's End' Punch Needle Design

Swirling leaves, buttons and wool...
~ ~ ~
Both 'Grandma's House'
'Autumn's End' 
are now available in my Studio.

Cozy in... time to stitch and ponder the day.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Savouring Autumn...

While my mind is swirling with 'winter' designs,
I really try hard to 'live in' 
and enjoy the moment I am in...
Swirling leaves, cold nights, 
frosty mornings, sunny afternoons
Thanksgiving is on our heals...

"Autumn's End" has been an experiment of sorts.
I love bringing out my button jar - 
dumping the contents onto my dining room table...
smelling cloves and sorting buttons.

(I place cloves in my button jars,
to take away any 'musty' odors.)

I am loving the combination 
of Punch Needle Embroidery,
Wool and Buttons !

I think I will use this as a 'trivet' 
for my Thanksgiving table.

A golden carpet

This is my favorite view from my kitchen window.
The black silhouettes of trees at dusk.
So peaceful and quiet
as the day comes to an end.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Skeleton Keys...

While meandering around the shops
in downtown Lititz, (Lititz has a thriving downtown,
filled with dozens of quaint shops and eateries !),
I came across these lovely, fabulous,
magnificent skeleton keys !
(Can you tell, I am just a bit taken with them ??)

They are big, (8 inches)
and heavy cast iron.
I bought every key she had,
and I want more ! ;)
I have plans for these beauties.

These sweet, smelling good, wooly pumpkins 
are making me smile today. ;)
A gift from a new friend -Trace...
I visited her Etsy shop and found Wool Treasures...
Owls, Apples, Snowmen and more !

Speaking of Pumpkins...

is on my list to make.

Is there anything more comforting,
than a warm stove and the smells 
of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg
on a cold, blustery Autumn day ;)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cleaning Up And 'Nesting'...

It's time to begin putting the beds to sleep...
piles of leaves, perennials to trim
and birdhouses to clean out.

I love gathering the nests together.
They have stories to tell !!

This particular bird was very crafty 
in making a home.
This was a Carolina Wren's home.
I watched her all summer.
She located her nest 
in a mature "knock-out" rose bush,
just outside our dining room window.


One of my favorite trees...
The leaves of a Gingko are thick and fan shaped.
This tree 'glows' in the Fall.
(But, if you blink you will miss it,
because when the leaves drop...
they drop, all at once !)

A leaf lined pathway...
This tree is where the Wren 
gathered her peeling bark for her nest.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea beginning to show color

"Nesting" inside on this chilly, rainy Saturday !

Friday, October 31, 2014

Autumn Newsletter Giveaway...

Happy Halloween,
and thanks to all who entered 
in the Autumn Newsletter Giveaway !
(Wow - 150 entries !)

Congratulations to 
Noreen Hammond who won...
A 'Pumpkin Spice' Punchneedle Pattern,
11 Balls of Valdani Perle Cotton in rich Autumn shades,
Weavers Cloth
and a piece of orange wool for backing the project.

~ ~ ~
Ten Little Pumpkins

Ten little pumpkins, all in a line,
one became a jack o'lantern,
then there were nine.

Nine little pumpkins, peaking through the gate,
an old witch took one,
then there were eight.

Eight little pumpkins, (there never were eleven),
a green goblin took one, 
then there were seven.

Seven little pumpkins, full of jolly tricks,
a white ghost took one,
then there were six.

Six little pumpkins, glad to be alive,
a black cat took one,
then there were five.

Five little pumpkins, by the barn door,
a hoot owl took one,
then there were four.

Four little pumpkins, (as you can plainly see),
one became a pumpkin pie,
then there were three.

Three little pumpkins, feeling very blue,
one rolled far away,
then there were two.

Two little pumpkins, alone in the sun,
one said, "so long",
and then there was one.

One little pumpkin, left all alone,
a little boy chose him and took him home.

Ten little pumpkins, in a patch so green,
made everyone happy on Halloween.
                                           Author Unknown
~ ~ ~

Have a fun Halloween... as for me,
it's all about that stash of candy !

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