Friday, May 8, 2015

Fraktur Work And Fuzzy Babies...

1787 Fraktur Punch Needle Design by Rose Clay at

My work continues on the 
1787 Fraktur Punch Needle Design.

1787 Fraktur Punch Needle Design by Rose Clay at

This design has a lot of detail, 
and I have been staying with colors 
that would have been available 
and used in that time period.

~  ~  ~  ~  

Sparrow eggs 

My #2 Daughter found this nest in an old
wreath, at her farmhouse.
There are actually two nests in one wreath !
The above nest has eggs...

The second nest has sweet little fuzzy babies !

Happy Mother's Day !
Have a beautiful weekend, friends...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hand Embroidered Blossoms And Blooms...

Cast On Stitch Roses from
Hand Embroidered Blossoms using Valdani Perle Cotton

I have been stitching up some blossoms.
These are 'Cast On Stitch' roses with Fly Stitch leaves.
I have heard the Cast On Stitch also referred to
as Needle Lace, when used in this way.

Cast On Stitch Roses from

I am hand embroidering some gorgeous
soft yellow wool.  I plan to make an
Eight Pointed Civil War Pincushion from this wool.
(Certainly, you would think after making 20+ pincushions, 
I would stop... not so, 
I just can't seem to get them out of my system !)

I have been looking for signs of Spring,
now that the weather has become warmer.

Amazing tulips, 
each one heavy with many petals !

I love when the moss takes over items in 
my garden.  So pretty.

Frilly tulips...

Wild tulips...

A smattering of purple tulips...

Old Fashioned Lilac...
smells heavenly.

~  ~  ~  ~
The best 
are those who show you where to 
but don't tell you what to 
~  ~  ~  ~

Spring is at finally here.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

1787 Fraktur Punch Needle Design...

1787 Fraktur Punch Needle Design -
 1787 Fraktur Punch Needle Project

One of my favorite things to do,
when starting a new punch needle design,
is to pull all the potential colors I might need.
Valdani Perle Cotton makes this job so easy !!
There are so many yummy colors to choose from -
where to begin ??

1787 Fraktur Punch Needle Design -

I will usually pull more shades than I will use - 
but, I cannot make a final decision until the design
begins to take shape and I can see
how the colors work together.

I have been researching Fraktur Designs and was
pleasantly surprised that a large majority
originated right here in Pennsylvania.

Often times Deeds were recorded on the most
gorgeous Fraktur documents.
I wish we still handled our offical paperwork 
in such a beautiful way.

Valdani Perle Cotton Thread -

I am now carrying Valdani Thread Bundles
in my Studio,  for many of my Punch Needle Patterns.
(Thanks to those who asked about them ;)

~  ~  ~  ~
Attention is the rarest
and purest form of generosity.
                            ~ Weil
~  ~  ~  ~

Have a creative day...

Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Blooms And New Civil War Pincushions...

Oh Spring, where are you ???
We are having a sunny, 
but very cold, blustery day.

Sweet little "unknown" flowers in the gardens.
Probably weeds, but they have perfect tiny flowers.

I treasure my Harry Lauders Walking Stick
because the limbs can be used in many projects.
These are the catkins from the 
'Red' Harry Lauders Walking Stick.
Loving the texture and rusty red color !
(Even the buds are red)

Eight Pointed Civil War Pincushion by Rose Clay at

New Eight Pointed Civil War Pin Cushions are
beginning to line up...

Eight Pointed Civil War Pincushion by Rose Clay at

Measuring 8.5 inches "tip to tip"
and 3.5 or so inches high...

Eight Pointed Civil War Pincushion by Rose Clay at

These Eight Pointed Civil War Pincushions
can be found in my Studio.

Eight Pointed Civil War Pincushion by Rose Clay at

I love to do Hand Embroidery...
I couldn't resist adding it to a pincushion.
I used gorgeous Valdani variegated Perle Cotton Thread
for the Hand Embroidery.  Love the richness and 
all the variation of color in each of the roses.
Beads and crystals will come next !

Eight Pointed Civil War Pincushion by Rose Clay at

Eight Pointed Civil War Pincushion by Rose Clay at

Sweet Tender Violets

Violets always remind me of my Grandmother 
and her Grandmother...generations past.
I can remember collecting large handfuls
and placing them in a vase for my Grandmother.

Enjoy your weekend !

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wool Applique Needlekeepers...

Jacobean Wool Applique Needlekeepers - Pattern from Rose Clay at Three Sheep Studio

Jacobean Wool Applique Needlekeepers...
These colorful flowers are from 
the Red Rose Embroidery Guild's meeting.
We worked on Wool Applique Needlekeepers.

I love seeing how each flower is unique to their "owner".

Any time you gather stitchers together,
you will find 'stitching' essentials...
items that just make the job easier,
or maybe, are just near and dear to the stitcher.

One of the gals was working on a
Contemporary Forest Necklace.
It fits into a brass frame and you can change
the stitchery within the frame.
It is very tiny and the detail is astounding.

My #2 Daughter and her husband live on 
a gorgeous working Amish farmstead.
They are not Amish, however their neighbors are.

She came home from work this week,
to find one of the four Amish boys,
fast asleep, in the sun, in front of her doorway !
This is just too, too cute for words.  Priceless.

(My Daughter had permission to take this photo.
The Amish family often asks 
my Daughter and her Husband to 
take pictures of their four boys 
and family events.)

Enjoy your day...

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