Wednesday, March 25, 2015

'Summer House' Punch Needle

'Summer House' Punch Needle design by Rose Clay /
 Punch Needle Embroidery

'Summer House' was punched using Valdani Perle Cotton...
in shades of Olives, Turkey Red, Aged Wine, 
Old Brick and Tarnished Gold.

'Summer House' Punch Needle design by Rose Clay /

After punching this piece, I centered it on a piece
of 'Red Velvet' wool fabric from
( The Wool Studio has AMAZING wool 
to choose from and great customer service ! )

'Summer House' Punch Needle design by Rose Clay /

I attached the wool and design to a 9in. x 11in. book 
of blank sheets of paper.
Perfect for sketching out designs 
as they come to mind,
or keeping notes on my gardens.
Maybe even pressing a few flowers,
between the pages !
(I'm waiting patiently for Spring !!)

'Summer House' Punch Needle design by Rose Clay /

~  ~  ~  ~
"It's not the load that
breaks you down.
It's the way you carry it."
                         -C.S. Lewis
~  ~  ~  ~

Enjoy this day...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hurry, Hurry, Finish That Project...

Punchneedle design using Valdani variegated Perle Cotton Thread -
Punch Needle Embroidery

I've been working on several projects...
I always feel such a push when the 
weather begins to show signs of Spring...
especially when we turn the clocks ahead.

It's like an alarm clock goes off, 
inside my head...  
"Hurry, hurry, finish that last project."
There was a time when I 
didn't sew at all over the summer.  
Not sure why, maybe just too busy 
lounging outside, (I am guilty of laying in 
the hammock for an hour or two, 
watching the clouds drift by!).

But, the days of taking the summer 'off' from 
stitching, are no more.  I now enjoy creating and
experimenting, whatever the season. 
I cannot even imagine not spending at least 
a small amount of time pondering the day, 
with some sort of punching, stitching 
or hooking in my hand.

~ ~ I am curious to know how many of you
stitch over the summer (warmer) months ?? ~ ~

Punchneedle design using Valdani variegated Perle Cotton Thread -

The punch needle project in my hoop at the moment
uses deep, rich Valdani colors...
in Old Brick and one of my favorites...
Turkey Red.

Punchneedle design using Valdani variegated Perle Cotton Thread -

And, I love all the different green shades that 
appear from just one ball of Valdani M19 !
Every leaf has it's own unique shading,
without me having to change threads.
M19, Olives, does all the work for me !

Only a Mama's love !

Last week, during a snowstorm,
I watched the live webcam of the 
Bald Eagle's nest.  Wow, what dedication.
She never once left the eggs in the nest,
as I watched in amazement, as she slowly
became buried in snow.
Only a Mom !

'Hope' in a single crocus blossom !

Hoping for sunny skies and warm breezes
to arrive, (and stay)...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sweet Honeycomb...

Sweet Honeycomb Punch Needle Pattern by Rose Clay from
'Sweet Honeycomb' punch needle design

Sweet Honeycomb... 
brings memories of warm summer days 
with bees a 'buzzin.

This punch needle design uses beautiful 
Valdani variegated Perle Cotton Thread...
Dark Antique Golds
Backyard Honeycomb
Black Sea...

Sweet Honeycomb Punch Needle Pattern by Rose Clay from

The completed piece hangs from a 
black velvet ribbon, fit for a queen bee ;)
Finished project measures 8in. x 6.75 in.

Sweet Honeycomb Punch Needle Pattern by Rose Clay from

The edges are finished with a Beaded Blanket Stitch,
using golden shades of glass beads, size 6/0.

Sweet Honeycomb is available in my Studio,
for those dreaming of summer, now !
Even though, as I write this, we are expecting 
a snow storm to arrive tonight :( 

I have been watching the live webcam of the Bald Eagles,
hoping to catch them both in the nest.
You can watch these beautiful birds, 
'live', sitting on their eggs, here.
(give it a minute to load)

Bright Yellow Primrose

My #2 daughter and I, from time to time, 
enjoy stopping at a local greenhouse in the winter.
There is just something about the warm humid air
in a greenhouse and seeing and smelling 'green', 
with happy, vibrant colors lining the aisles. 
It's uplifting and helps to encourage us, as Spring
is absolutely nowhere to be found at the moment !

~  ~  ~  ~
Stay warm and safe, my friends...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sweet Red Berries...

'A Crow's Feast' Punch Needle Pattern from Rose Clay at
 "A Crow's Feast" Pin Pillow Design

This crow is surrounded by a feast 
of luscious red berries !
'A Crow's Feast' Pin Pillow
measures 7in. x 5.5 in., not including the
strawberries that dangle from each corner.
I used Valdani variegated Perle Cotton Thread
to punch this design.  The pattern also includes
a DMC conversion. 

'A Crow's Feast' Punch Needle Pattern 
is now available in the Studio.

~  ~  ~  ~

Meet Anne Henderson who is
the owner of 'Ewebiquitous' in Lititz.  
Anne's shop is a fiber art destination.
Just peeking in the storefront window...
you can't resist stepping in to take a look.
(You'll be amazed !)

Ewebiquitous is packed with gorgeous yarn,
needles, hooks, knitting supplies, wool roving
and wool fabric in beautiful shades.
An assortment of beautiful hooked rugs,
 by the very talented Rebecca Buckwalter, 
are displayed in one of the rooms.

Punch Needle supplies, books, patterns and so much more.
 Needle Keeps and sewing 'needfuls' 
by the multi talented Lynn Dohne and so many
 more items from other fine local Artisans, are on display.
If an art form uses fiber, 
it can be found here.

I am delighted to be teaching 
Beginner Punch Needle classes
Thursday, March 26, 2015
6-9:00 p.m.
Sunday, April 19, 2015
1-4:00 p.m.

There are a limited amount of spaces
available, so call early and reserve your spot !
~  ~  ~  ~

"Great things
never came 
from comfort 
                                  ~ found on Pinterest

Warm wishes to you on this Thursday !

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Week In Review...

Embroidery By Hiroko Kubota
Hand Embroidery by Hiroka Kubota

How spectacular is this embroidery ??
An amazing cat peeking from a pocket.

Look at those eyes - you can see right into his/her soul !

Embroidery By Hiroko Kubota
Hand Embroidery by Hiroko Kubota

To learn more about this artist and how she
got started embroidering cats,
you can read this write up.

Embroidery By Hiroko Kubota
Hand Embroidery by Hiroko Kubota

This kitty just makes me smile...
Amazing what can be done with a needle and thread !

This was taken from my iPhone
one morning last week !
Alaska ???  No, Pennsylvania.

This has become a huge hit at our house.

My 11 year old son eats this like candy.
I tried it, but it smells a lot like fish food.
(In fact, in a blind test, you can't tell the difference !)
If you can get past that, it's actually good.
(not better than candy...NOTHING is better
than candy !)

Sweet Honeycomb Punch Needle Embroidery design by Rose Clay at
Sweet Honeycomb Punch Needle Design

Work continues on Sweet Honeycomb...
should be ready for finishing today.
I am thinking I need to get 
velvet ribbon for hanging.

Amazing Bald Eagle live Webcam at Lancasteronline

We have been following the live webcam of the 
Bald Eagles; as have 1.6 million others.
How amazing is this ?  A close up view of 
the activity of two amazing Bald Eagles,
aptly named Liberty and Freedom...
in a massive nest, high in the tree tops.
When do you ever get to see something so neat ?

Amazing Bald Eagle live Webcam at Lancasteronline

She / He, (they take turns), sitting on two precious eggs.
Expected hatch date for the first egg is March 21.
Want to watch along ?
Go to the live cam to watch the Bald Eagles.
(Give it a minute to load.  It is amazing to see !)

Stay warm, safe and make the most of the day...

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