Saturday, July 26, 2014

Harvest Moon Punchneedle Design...

"Harvest Moon" Punchneedle design

I am so enjoying the lazy days of summer.
But, for those that like to always have a project going,
(and that describes me perfectly, maybe you too ?), 
I have released another Autumn Punchneedle design.

'Harvest Moon' has a sweet toffee colored cat
curled around a 'fresh from the vine' pumpkin.

A dark, cranky old skeleton of a tree 
is highlighted by a big 'ol harvest moon.

Instructions to finish into a 
14in. (35.56cm) pillow are included.
Although, you can finish it any way you would like.

The 'Harvest Moon' Punchneedle Pattern
is now available in my Studio.

Have a beautiful summer weekend, friends.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lace Leaves And Good Eats...

As many beautiful flowers are in my garden,
there is an equal amount of 'lace leaves'.
This is the real side of gardening !

How many beetles can one have in their garden ?
And, they are hungry - very hungry.

Lace leaves are mostly what is left 
on my Porcelain Berry vine.
(and many other plants)

Porcelain Berry Vine

They never stop eating !
In the Fall, this vine has beautiful
pale blue / white berries.
(Hopefully they won't eat the berries !)

Enough of the Beatles,
moving on to 'Good Eats' for people...

My #2 Daughter gifted this book to me.
I have long followed their Blog.
They truly are 6 sisters that started a Blog 
to keep in touch with one another.

It morphed into a successful business,
that now employs their parents also.

The book has 52 meal plans,
that you can mix and match.
Full color photos of each recipe.
All the ingredients are easily found 
in your local grocery store.

I am working my way through this book
and haven't had a bad meal yet !

Enjoy your day, friends ;)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Week In July...

A week in July
~ ~ ~
Gorgeous sunflowers in a vase.
(Velvety golden petals bordered with 
a sharp green 'crown'.)

My American Cranberry bushes are full of berries 
that are just beginning to blush.
(Ahh, a sign of things to come.)

I'm continuing to work on 'Grandma's House'
punchneedle design.

Cheesecake at it's finest...
(a gift from our #3 daughter)
to celebrate 28 incredible years of marriage !

Morning Glories growing everywhere.
(Really - EVERYWHERE !)

One of my 'summer reads'.
With chapters like...
Go Big or Go Home
Slippery Stones
Boundary Stones and Stolen Hours

The best part ??
There are 48 chapters in this book.
All are each only 2-3 pages long.
At the end of a long day,
that is exactly what I want and like...
a small reading commitment that gets
right to the point !

Have a relaxing Sunday ;)

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Long Walk And A Song...

It couldn't be any more beautiful here today !
78 degrees with a soft breeze.

Out for a walk,
and this is what we found...

Loving these long deep purple stems !

Bluebird boxes enclosed with wire to keep predators out.

~ Queen Anne's Lace ~
I like to press these flower heads in old books.
When they are dry, I will attach them to card stock,
give them a light spray of fine glitter,
and you have snowflake cards !

Milddlecreek Wildlife Sanctuary

Milkweed and a 'Bumble'

Adore the color and texture of this plant

So soft and elegant

As kids, we would love to catch 
one of these silky seeds floating on a breeze.  
If we were lucky enough to catch one,
we would make a wish and then release it.

I love to hear a musical instrument in the house.
I have been lucky enough to be serenaded
all summer by my son, (who practices
piano twice a day).

Enjoy this beautiful day, friends...
here comes the weekend. ;)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Valdani, Beads And Wool...

Valdani Perle Cotton Thread, Czech Glass Beads 

We have been having stormy weather for days.
I don't mind one bit...
perfect for drinking tea and stitching.

**  Several people have asked where to get
the Wool charm scissor fob...
I purchased the Wool charm from Ali Strebel.
It can be found on her website, HERE.  **

Punch Needle Embroidery

Often I will complete Punchneedle designs
and then wait until the thought strikes me for
how to finish them.  This works for me because I 
don't like forcing a finish and not really liking
the outcome.

I love these rich and warm shades of wool 
and as soon as I saw them together,
I knew they would work with 'Seaside Fancy'.

The warm honeycomb borders the punchneedle,
while the teal and caramel plaid will cover the pillow.

I am partial to bead work,
however a plain blanket stitch to edge the pillow
would have worked well also.

I like to use Czech Glass Beads, size 6/0, 
for finishing edges.
Go to Beaded Blanket Stitch, to learn more.

Punchneedle pillow measures 16in. x 16in.
Both, front and back are covered in wool.

To learn more about finishing into a pillow,

There are so many great ways to finish your 
punchneedle work.  There is no right or wrong way.
Do you have a favorite way to finish ?

Enjoy your day...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Let's Take A Walk...

Slip on your garden clogs...
let's take a walk around the garden...

Sun Sugar Yellow Cherry Tomatoes
after a rain.

My favorite Zinnia.

Copper salamander and concrete rain catcher,
a 'find' at The Philadelphia Flower Show.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea
(Love how the large leaves turn copper in the Fall.)

Pink Zinnias make me very happy ;)

Black Cohosh

Phlox peeking out from beneath a Purple Smoke Tree.

So many simple pleasures...
I'm convinced simple is best.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Grandma's House Punchneedle...

Grandma's House Punchneedle design

I am working on Grandma's House...
A little cottage with a rounded door and 
shingled roof.
A place filled with warm memories.

A cottage nestled in pines...
 using variegated Valdani 
in Withered Green and Green Pastures.

Variegated Valdani Perle Cotton Thread #8

And, is Black 'black' ?
My new favorite is Valdani Perle Cotton
O511 - Black Sea.
Because black is not just black.
Black Sea is a variegated Perle Cotton
that has an almost dark antique flavor to it.
It is beautiful in punchneedle projects.

Soft blue shades using Valdani
Seaside and Vanilla Sky.
Muted green shades in Wintergreen Mint
and Silver Foam.

Enjoy your weekend !


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