Friday, September 14, 2012

Needlekeepers, Needlebooks, Pincushions...


 Woolen Keepers of the Pins and Needles...
Anyone who sews is bound to have many pins and needles. 
These are a few examples of how to contain them. 

The tins, on the left,  are simply candy tins with the lids covered in wool. The wool lids have been embellished with embroidery and beads.  The center Pincushion with the felted mushrooms is earthy and beautiful - it was designed and handmade by Janine at  Foxtail Creek Studio
The round pincushion in the back is my "go to" pincushion.  It holds a lot of pins and the occasional snippet of a favorite shade of wool.

Wool Needlekeepers 

1950's Vintage Sewing Needle Book

I just love how eager and happy these women look at the prospect of sewing !!

Inside of Needle Book

The inside of this1950's Needlebook contains all 85 of the original Gold Eye Needles and the needle threader.  The needles are also labled for what they are to be used for.  I purchased this "find" several years ago at The Fancy Lamb.


  1. Ooh what a lovely collection you have! Thank you for sharing my mushrooms pincushion :)

  2. Your Welcome Janine ! Enjoy your day. ;)


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