Monday, September 10, 2012

Wool Applique Tool Box...

Tool Box from the 1950's - "Tool Box turned Wool Box"

Wool Applique on side of Tool Box

Other side of Tool Box

Wool Applique on other side of Tool Box

Inside of Tool Box is lined with Felted Wool Fabric

When I am at yard sales, I cannot resist purchasing old tool boxes and trinket boxes.  They call out to me with endless possibilities ! You can find these boxes at Thrift stores and Consignment shops as well.  I have covered this old Tool Box with wool applique, Hand Embroidery and Beadwork. 
 Each house shows a different season. All the edges are
finished with a Glass Beaded Blanket Stitch.
Now what to fill it with ??


  1. Rose, I hope you will be selling some of these items on Etsy !!! I just love your beautifully crafted art pieces!!!

  2. You are very kind Joan...I am glad you enjoy my work.

  3. Very cool! I have a similar box. Now I know what to do with it.
    I found you through the Sew Many Ways link-up.

  4. I'm visiting via 'Sew Many Ways'.
    The toolbox is absolutely adorable.
    I took a peek at your Etsy shop as well. Love your items.

  5. Hi Becka...
    Thanks for your kind words. ;)
    So glad you stopped by !

  6. this box is gorgeous! love it♥

  7. What product do you use to adhere it to the wood?


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