Friday, September 21, 2012

Wool Penny Mat...

Wool Penny Mat

"Penny" refers to a round circle of wool, traditionally cut using coins or a "penny" as a template.  These circles were a wonderful way to use scraps of wool to "make something from nothing".  The pennies have slight variations which add to their traditional charm.

Close up of Pennies

I will often use all sorts of coins and small lids as my templates when working with wool pennies, to achieve the different sizes.  Baby food jar lids are often perfect for the larger "penny".  For this project, I added small glass seed beads to the center of each penny.

On this Penny Mat, I used the same shade of embroidery floss throughout the project.  I often prefer to match my color of floss to the color of wool, depending on the project design.  This Penny Mat measures 16.5in. x 10.75in. (42.55cm x 27.30cm), perfect for a place setting at a table. 

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