Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wool Turtle Wall Hanging...Wool Applique

Wool Turtle Wall Hanging

I orginally made this Turtle for my son when he was 3 yrs. old. It was a magical piece to hang in a little boys room.

This project was all hand work,
a sewing machine was not used.

The Wall Hanging is made from 100% wool fabric. 
It measures 22.5in. x 13.5in. (57.15cm x 34.29cm) and includes a sleeve at the top for hanging purposes.

The "plates" on the shell are embellished with glass beads, semi-precious stones, buttons and hand embroidery.

A little boys dream - turtles, fishing, skipping stones, spider webs
and stars at night...


  1. This is beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for posting it. Just love it, I am going to make one that is kinda similar but totally different too. Hope it is as nice!

  2. Rose, I LOVE your Wool Hanging Envelope! Very well done and a great idea. I want to make one :0)

    Hugs, Linda


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