Saturday, October 6, 2012

Homestead Wool String Bag...

This is an updated, refined version
of a late 1800's String Bag... ;)

A string bag was found in most homes in the late 1800's.  Long before rubberbands, paper clips and staplers - string was a way to bundle and tie up items and keep things together and organized.

I have mine hanging from an old doorknob in my kitchen. 
I use it to secure herbs in a bag to flavor soups and stews -
 to tie cinnamon and clove in a bag to simmer with apple cider - to tie magazines and papers together for recycling, etc.

(Tip: use a coffee filter as a "bag" for spices.)

I have made this String Bag from soft 100% wool plaid fabric, front and back.  The front panel is 3/4 lined to allow for easy movement from a ball of cotton string.

The house has been hand pieced and applied with a blanket stitch.  I hand embroidered the house and tree details.
A grommet has been placed above the house to guide the string through.

This String Bag measures approx. 8in. x 7.5in., the handle
adds an additional 4.5 to 5in.
(20.32cm x 19.05cm, the handle adds 11.43 to 12.70cm)


  1. Very cute idea. Much smarter than throwing string in the junk drawer ;)

  2. Hi Kim...
    I also dropped a small flashlight into the bag.
    When the electricity goes out, the string bag has
    now become our "go to" bag if we want light !
    Enjoy your day ! Rose


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