Monday, November 5, 2012

Effervescent Bubbles...

This Wall Hanging always reminds me of bubbles...
Random 'bubbles' have a Beaded Blanket Stitch, giving them a hint of sparkle.

Each circle was hand cut using a coin as a template
and has slight variations making this piece
unique and adding to it's charm.

This Bubble Wall Hanging measures 24in. long x 10.75in. wide. (60.96cm x 27.31cm)
I placed a sleeve at the top for easy hanging.


  1. So cute! And I love the beading here and there.

  2. It looks like this wall hanging tells a story! Started out all organized and even, then got crazy and haphazard - so fun! (although I guess it could read the opposite way too - order came from chaos)

  3. Hi Gayle...
    Definetly started as all the ducks in a row to lots of rabbit trails.
    Life is an adventure !


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