Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Stockings...

Years ago, I started making each of my children a Christmas Stocking.  
They are not fancy.  No Pattern, just a simple chunky design.  
I like stockings that can handle a serious amount of loot !

Each of these stockings has a story to tell...
Over the next few days, I'll highlight some of those stories.

Five handmade Christmas Stockings. 
On the first three, I used a sewing machine to finish putting them together.  
The last two are all handwork, no sewing machine.  I prefer to work with my hands and not use a sewing machine at all.

Each one filled with memories and a story...


  1. These are all lovely. I recognize the tea party girl in dear friend did it, and it hangs on her wall.

  2. Hi Regan...
    Yes, she is "that" tea party girl, and wait until you hear what happened !

  3. These stockings are wonderful! I'm hosting the Christmas Stocking Hang Out on my blog this week and would love it if you would add a link there and share them.


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