Saturday, December 1, 2012

Flower Wool String Bag...

I made this String Bag from a very soft 100% wool houndstooth fabric. 
I pieced the flowers using hand dyed wool
and then applied them using a Blanket Stitch.
(Learn more about Wool Applique...)
The flowers are embellished with a few hand embroidery stitches.
The Houndstooth wool and the bright colored flowers give this String Bag a contemporary feel.

A String Bag is both useful and practical.
Hang in a convenient location...
It hides a ball of string...
Just pull and cut the length of string you need.

String Bag measures 8in. x 7.5in., the handle adds an additional 5in.
(20.32cm x 19.05cm, handle adds 12.70cm)

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  1. The houndstooth really shows off the applique nicely! Love it!


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