Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Velvet Christmas Stocking...

What to do with a Bridesmaid dress ?
(Because no matter what they say...you will NOT be wearing it again. ;)

This Christmas Stocking was made from a dark green velvet Bridesmaid dress, that I wore in my Sister's wedding.

It is the simplest of all the Christmas Stockings.
(By this time, I had three little ones, 5yrs. old and under 
so I might have been a bit exhausted !)
But, this stocking has a lot of sentimental value because of the wedding. ;)

The cuff is made from the satin sash on the Bridesmaid dress.  It was at this time that I began using glass beads and crystals in my fabric projects.

A Christmas Stocking for Daughter #3 - Nadine.


  1. Oh! I have a purple satin (ugh.....I know!) bridesmaid's dress that would be wonderful all cut up and made into stockings! Maybe I could even use the created satin rose that was attached at the waste of the high-collared jacket with poof sleeves.

    Darn that Joan Collins! She was such a fashion influence.....and NOT in a good way! Thank God the 80's are long gone! LOL

    1. Oh.....that should have read 'waist' not 'waste'.....but on second thought.....yes it was! lol

  2. Hi Regan...
    I think most of us have a few of those "unbelievable" bridesmaid dresses !!
    Maybe it is time to rethink them ???

  3. Brilliant save too! Such sweet stockings!!

  4. It looks wonderful and you are right - you will never wear it again!!!


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