Thursday, January 3, 2013

Label Your Work...

 Years ago, when I first began Rug Hooking,  
I would hook the year and my initials into the front of the rug. 
Even as I was doing that, I felt it was a distraction to the design...

Sometime later I began embroidering labels for the backs of my 
Hooked Rugs and Embroidered Wall Hangings.

It is important to include a "title" of the piece if applicable, who designed the piece, your name, the date completed and possibly your town / state.

I have found beautiful antique pieces of handwork that have not been labeled. 
I often think about who once cherished the completed handwork, 
where did it come from and what year was it made.


  1. Always a good idea! These are treasured pieces, meant to be handed down.....and future generations will want to know!

    Every time I see an antique quilt at a shop, and there is no label on breaks my heart a little to think how much time and effort the quilter put in it, only to have it forgotten and discarded. If it had a label, it might have stayed in the family!

  2. Those are GREAT labels! Thanks for the reminder of how important it is to do this for our rugs AND our quilts!

  3. It is important and helpful for future historians as well. I worked on a project many years ago, quilts under the bed, which many of them were not labeled and we tried to piece together who and when they were made. We were lucky and labeled about 90% of them.

  4. Those have to be the cutest tags on someone's work I have ever seen. They are art in themselves!


  5. What lovely labels.. you have inspired me to create one for my first big craft project which is (or hopefully will be!) a quilt

  6. Hm, a wonderful reminder, thank you so much!


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