Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rug Hooked Bench...

This Rug Hooked Bench started out as a very large old piece of wood 
taken from a barn.  It didn't need to be cut or reworked in any way.  
It was beautiful with natural markings and imperfections.

When we found the plank, one of the sides was beveled, 
while the other was not.  All edges were naturally smoothed.
When I first saw it, it resembled a piece taken possibly from a large feed trough.

I had a carpenter add very simple, sturdy legs to make the plank a bench.  
It is 19.5in. (49.53cm) high.  Perfect for pulling to a dining room table for bench seating.  It measures 81.5in. (207.01cm) long.  It can seat many people, 
which I love when we have a full house !
It does double duty when placed in front of a sofa, like a narrow "table".

I hooked the runner with all of my leftover wool strips !
The only "anchor" of 'same' color was the black 'X' 
and 2 small rows of caramel at the center of each 'X'.
I finished the edge with wool yarn that has been whipped 
around cotton cording.  This makes a durable edge, 
which was especially needed for the use this bench would get.

This is an heirloom I hope stays in my family !


  1. Great addition to a fantastic bench!

  2. Good Afternoon to you, What a fabulous piece of work. Your rug hooked runner fits perfectly on your new bench. Without a doubt this will become an heirloom for your family.
    Best Wishes

  3. What a GORGEOUS piece of furniture - and the story behind it makes it that much more appealing. You've got a real treasure there - and your hooked design is perfect for it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wonderful...what a treasure! Beautiful bench and the hooked piece is the perfect addition. Great job!!!

  5. What a fabulous treasure to be kept in your family and passed down.
    It truly is a beautiful work of art.
    :) Becka

  6. Oh. My. Goodness!!! That is simply beautiful! A real work of art.

  7. a family heirloom for sure-love it.

  8. Beautiful work and what a great bench and family heirloom!


  9. Beautiful wood bench and one awesome hooked runner!

  10. If it is not an heirloom in your house, I will be happy to make it one in mine !
    It is beautiful !


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