Friday, January 25, 2013

The Humble Rug Hooking Kit...

 The expectations were immense for this one little, (very little), rug hooking kit !

I learned many great things from this package that arrived TEN ! years ago, 
and not from what was written on the directions...

I fell in love with the whole "wool experience" !
I learned I have more designs / ideas in me, than I have life left to live !
I realized quickly, as you can see from the photo, I had a lot to learn !

And, it only took me about 45 minutes to realize...
if I were to continue with my hooking experience, I MUST have a frame !  
The "hoop thing" was NOT going to work for me.

I unearthed this rug hooking kit while cleaning out some cabinets.  
Oh the memories...I was 'over the moon' 
when this package arrived in the mail TEN years ago, this month !


  1. how wonderful that you found it! Will you finish it?
    I bought my first rug kit many, many years ago and spent so much money that I was afraid to 'ruin' it so I put it away. I did finish it last year. I used a hoop and now have a small frame. I think using a hoop is why it took me so long after I finally decided to work on it :)

  2. I'm working on my first rug kit. It is about 8x10 and at first I tried to use a hoop but quickly gave up on that idea. My DH rigged up a frame to stretch it on and that is working better. Tomorrow I'm going to a beginners rug hooking class sponspered by the locate rug hooking guild, I'm so excited and hope to learn a lot. Thanks for sharing your first kit.

  3. I've been a newbie hooker as well and know all you are talking about. It was an akward task, didn't have the proper equipment or knowledge. But thanks to Rug Hooking Magazine and the tutorial in there I was able to start my first project. And then started to purchase the better equipment to do the job right because I knew this was a craft/ art for me.



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