Monday, February 18, 2013

A Very Tiny Rug Hooking...

Rug Hooked Box

A rug hooked mat for the top of a very little box.

The lid of this lacquered wood box measures 3.5in. x 3.5in. (8.89cm x 8.89cm)
Very little space to place a design into.

I sketched out a few swirly flourish type designs on a scrap of paper...experimenting with what could be placed in this small space.

I hooked this simple design using a #4 cut (1/8in.) of hand dyed wool.  
I thought the swirly design would compliment the inside of this box, which I love.

Due to the smallness of this mat, I chose to whip the edges 
with 6 strands of embroidery floss to match the wool.

I secured the hooked mat to the top of the lid with a permanent adhesive.


  1. Very cute. It almost looks like a stylized swan to me

  2. It turned out so delightful! The design complements the paisley interior perfectly - makes it even more fun!

  3. So pretty! And it goes with the inside beautifully!

  4. I too love how it turned out.
    beautiful colors.
    Woolie Hugs

  5. Good Morning Rose,
    This box is positively lovely, from the beautiful hooked mat to the inside design of the box itself. What a nice gift to receive from your daughter.
    I'm chuckling a bit about your watch collection. I have a junk drawer that I have thrown watches into, much in the same way you have yours in the jar, and like you have never seemed to want to throw them away. Most of them are from my daughters childhood.
    I think I will keep saving them and share the stories of where they came from with my gran-babies when they are a little older.
    Have a lovely day.
    Hugs- Becka


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