Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Needle Felted Stone...

At a recent Embroidery Guild meeting, we made a needle felted "stone".  The class was taught by the very talented Florance Mellinger.

I have only needle felted a few small flowers in the past, using roving and a barbed needle.

My first attempt at embellishing with needle felted flowers and hand embroidery

We started with a large handful of fiber fill and applied wool roving in the color of our choice.  Using a barbed needle, we needle felted the roving into the fiber fill.  

I did learn a few things...
When I wanted to tear off a piece of wool roving to felt, I held the roving close together and pulled hard, to no avail.  It just did not want to "give" and separate.

Someone suggested I hold the roving further apart...
I adjusted my grip and the roving pulled apart like butter.
Amazing ! Who would have thought ?

The class ended with instruction on how to place a landscape or design onto the wool "stone" and then embellish it with embroidery stitches.

I gathered up my wool roving in lovely colors.
Now to dream up some flowers to embellish the stone with...


  1. Wonderful stuff...your "first effort" is gorgeous! Yummy, yummy colors!

  2. I love your 'first effort'! You added so many different embellishments (beads, embroidery, buttons, etc.) and they work beautifully together. Lovely!

  3. Lovely felting. For a 'first effort' it's amazing.


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