Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Counting Sheep... oops, I mean Pennies...

 Wool Penny Sheep

I have a very fun project on my table this week...
A colorful lamb made from Wool Pennies.

Several Months ago, I purchased a very large wood Embroidery Hoop 
from a local Thrift Store.
The hoop was in perfect condition and was mine for $ 2.50. 
(Said 'kind of' smugly while doing the 'happy dance' ;)
Did I ever mention...I LOVE a good bargain ??

The Hoop measures 28in. x 18in. (71.12cm x 45.72cm)

How many Pennies can one possibly have ??  (Never enough !)

I decided to place a lamb in the oblong Embroidery Hoop.
I brought out my stash of Pennies and began experimenting 
to get just the right combination of colors and textures.

This was a fun, light project.
When the Wool Pennies have been Blanket Stitched into place, 
this piece can be hung directly on the wall with no further prep work.  
Easy Peasy. ;)

Pennies in place and waiting to be blanket stitched to background.

Loaded full of texture and candy color !
(This is a great way to use up scraps of wool fabric.)

LOVE how cheerful this project is.
Puts a smile on my face every time I look at it !

Soon To Come:
How To / Tutorial on a simple way to cut wool pennies by hand.


  1. Now that's very clever. I need to do that with my wool scraps.

  2. That sheep is just so darned cute.

  3. what a fun project! So you're saying you cut all your pennies by hand without a guide? Can't wait to see your tutorial

  4. Thank you for stpping by my blog. I shall certainly be looking through yours. You have a lot of fun with your project here!

    Enjoy your weekend, I'm off to the flea markets tomorrow.

  5. Good heavens woman, you must have had a burst of energy to cut out all those pennies.


  6. Such an adorable project!! I love wool applique...

  7. I love your wool projects and am looking forward to your tutorial on cutting wool circles. Your Sheep is very cute! I joined your site today so i will be back. I found you through Sew Many Ways Find a Friend Friday!

  8. Love the finished effect, and it was a bargain too! It's lovely!


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