Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wool Appliqued Foxglove...

Hand Dyed Wool Foxglove Flowers

I love the old fashioned cottage gardens of Delphinium, 
Foxglove and Snap Dragons.

Last Spring, some of my Foxglove reached an amazing 6 ft. tall.  This entire 'stand' of Foxglove was "self sown" from the previous years plants.  

The Hummingbirds love the bright colors.

I have chosen some pink and coral shades of wool for these Foxglove flowers.  Can you see the curvy stems that I have marked ?
By marking the stems ahead of time, 
it allows me to know where to place my flowers. 

More to come as this project takes shape...


  1. Beautiful!!! I love my foxgloves too ~ have only just begun to grow them and I'm hoping mine will spread like yours! lovely!!!!
    Will enjoy your progress on your applique too, it's sew pretty!!!

  2. Looking good! The heirloom cottage flowers are the best! I've tried so many hybrids, but the foxgloves, hollyhocks, delphiniums and coneflowers are always the prettiest! Oh... and mix some Queen Anne's Lace in there too! :-)

  3. Your garden looks amazing.....those floxgloves are gorgeous! And those shades of wool are beautiful in this!

  4. That's going to be ever so pretty. I love your foxglove plants - they are gorgeous! I've never seen them grow that tall.


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