Friday, May 24, 2013

Feeling Like Purple Today...

 Hand Dyed Wool in rich shades of purple

The color purple always puts a smile on my face.
When I take a stroll around my gardens...
the color purple is everywhere !

Wild Purple Violets

I have a large patch of Wild Violets that arrives each Spring, 
in shining glory, in the middle of my lawn.
I always 'let them happily be'.  

Jacobean Flower

Hand Dyed Wool


Is there any smell that represents Spring better than the Lilac ?

Love the heady fragrance of an old fashioned Lilac.

Hand Dyed Wool

Jacobean Flower

I am inspired by so many different shades of purple.

The Hand Dyed Wool can be found in my Studio.
The Jacobean Designs are part of a collection of 30.

Enjoy the long weekend
and have a Patriotic Memorial Day !

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  1. such pretty "purple" pics Rose. Have a great weekend.



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