Friday, May 31, 2013

The Iris Man...

 Row after row of gorgeous Iris

Each year, I visit "The Iris Man".
If you are from Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, 
you know just who I am talking about.
Mr. McCullough has placed a lifetime of experience into his Iris plants...and you can have any one of hundreds, for a mere 5.00 per plant, (or rhizome).
He knows every single flower by name...(I am always impressed).

"The Iris Man" is located on Penn Grant Road in Willow Street.  He has told me he is never there on Tuesdays and is usually very busy on Mondays.  Any other day he can be found in his Iris gardens, ready to "dig the flower" of your choice...
Just try to pick only one !

One of the LARGEST, deep dark purple Iris I have ever seen !

Of course, I was dreaming up wool colors 
as I was seeing this spectacular color show...  ;)

Have a fabulous weekend !


  1. Hi Rose...Those are stunning irises!!
    I could spend hours there marveling of each one, and I would spend to much money there too!! : )
    That last one is just gorgeous!!
    I had to laugh at your dreaming up wool colors!!


  2. Wow that's enough to go to Lancaster just to see that. Beautiful. We got some gigantic cocks comb one year from a gentleman near Ephrata on Rte 322.


  3. We have a hosta man here and I would rather have an iris man!

  4. Gorgeous! I just may have to take a ride out that way!


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