Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tossing Around The Greens...

Normally, I know exactly what I want... 
I pull the wool off the shelves to cut into strips and begin hooking.

But not this time...

Decisions, decisions...

Not sure if I want 'The Meadow' rug hooking to be a brighter spring green 
or a softer, gentler, spruce type of green ?

Maybe I'll get back to the green leaves on the Foxglove...

Wool Applique Foxgloves


  1. I can't wait to see what you decide, Rose! All of those greens look so yummy!

  2. When you cut your wool strips by hand did you use some kind of guide so you end up with the strips being all one width? I am enjoying watching this project develope and feeling inspired.

    1. Hi Teresa...
      I used a self healing mat, a rotary cutter and a clear straight edge ruler. I would cut 1/4in. strips, which are a #8 cut. After doing that for ten years, I decided I wanted a wool cutter and at that time made the decision to hook with narrower strips. Although a wool cutter is able to cut almost any width of wool strip. When you cut your strips by hand, it can get a bit tricky to cut narrow strips.

  3. Hi found your blog over at Granny Trace. Your work is pretty. I'm your newest follower.


  4. I just recently found your blog on ???someone elses that I read. Your wool works are beautiful. today, those brighter yellow greens read spring to me, the blueish ones are looking like a cold frosty fall morning. maybe it's the cold wet day we're having!


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