Friday, June 21, 2013

A Stitching "Must Have"...

 A stitching "Must Have" for embellishing sewing projects

The Applique Beading Needle is a short, ultra fine, 
extremely sharp needle.
It easily passes through the smallest of beads, 
(including size 15/0, petite seed beads).

I use my Applique Beading Needle each time I embellish 
my stitching projects with beads.
(Which generally means it is always in use !)

It works like a charm, no matter how small the beads are.

This Matchbook holds an Applique Beading Needle and 
an Ultra Fine Needle Threader, 
tucked away on a patch of soft, 100% hand dyed wool fabric.

Matchbooks can be found in the Studio.

* (Thanks so much !  
The Matchbooks are currently sold out...
will be restocking soon.) *

Available in Three Sheep Studio.

Wishing you a relaxing weekend
with some stitching time  ;) 


  1. You, like my friend Deb, have the patience of Job to do all that intricate beading work. Must admit it looks lovely but now way I have the patience for it. Look'n good.


  2. Your work is absolutely beautiful Rose.


  3. I really enjoy looking at your incredible work. You know I have never done beads before so I was interested in the needle you use. It is all so very pretty.

  4. Would you Could you Pretty Please let me know when those darling little matchbooks come avail? I love your work it's truly wonderful.

    Vicki R

  5. thank You for letting us know about this applique beading needle. I use one that is about three times as long and really not fun to use. As soon as I get moved i will order some. I enjoy your blog so much, and learn a lot.


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