Friday, June 28, 2013

Seeing Red in Wool and Perle Cotton...

 Hand dyed wool fabric in solids and textures

I have been working with reds this week...

- Fresh from the dye kettle -
On my table, at the moment, are stacks of soft wool in
Black Cherry - Chili Pepper - Watermelon - Cranberry

Soon to be cut and placed in The Studio.

Punch Needle Embroidery using Perle Cotton

I have been experimenting with some designs 
in Punch Needle Embroidery... 
Garnet - Cranberry - Dark Red Copper - Dark Salmon

(Love how these rich shades blend together 
to give depth and texture. ;)

Reds are showing up in the garden, too.

Rich, deep reds...
So many different shades of red to inspire.

Have a colorful weekend...
and find time to create. ;)


  1. beautiful reds. so many vibrant shades. the red rose is also awesome :)

  2. Ewwwww the punch needle is soooooooooo pretty.


  3. Love all the different reds. I was shopping at a quilt shop closing out sale last week and the lady mentioned that I must have a thing for reds because every single piece of fabric I'd picked out had red in it somewhere... lol.


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