Friday, June 14, 2013

Three Dozen Eggs And Perle Cotton...

 Balls of Perle Cotton 

I have been trying to figure out ways to store my Perle Cotton...
I tried large Ziploc plastic bags, but everything just became a mess.  I needed something portable and didn't want them to 'unwind'.  

I thought about using hair 'scrunchies' around each ball, 
to keep them from unraveling.  But that would be a serious 
amount of hair 'scrunchies' !  (I use tiny hair 'scrunchies' on my sewing bobbins 
to keep them from unwinding. They work like a charm.)

My family eats 3 dozen eggs each week.
(I bake A LOT !  Angel Food Cakes and Creme Brulee take a lot of eggs. ;)

(Read this as : "I have a serious amount of egg cartons 
that I don't know what to do with" !)

Problem solved. ;)
I love how they nestle into place and no unraveling threads.
Everything in clear view.

An added bonus is that the boxes stack neatly on top of one another for storage. (Space saving !)

(Tip: Label the outside of each carton with the colors, numbers or brands of the Perle Cotton that are in each box...
a little organization makes finding what you want so much easier.)

Have a great weekend...


  1. Now that is simply neat-o! :-) Looks pretty too!

  2. That is a stroke of genius. I have mine just here and there and they are in a jumble all of the time. I have to untangle them before I can use them.
    I have tons of eggs cartons now I know what I am going to do.
    It looks so nice too.

  3. Great idea Rose! Makes me want to stitch something.

  4. Well aren't you miz smarty pantz? Great idea and makes your life easier and you are putting out ideas with others who may have a similar problem. Thanks for sharing.


  5. This is an awesome idea! And those colors are to lovely to open each carton and just sigh!

  6. What a amazing idea. The colors are so inspiring to look at, all nestled together. I save all my egg cartons too, and am now pondering how to best put them to use.
    I've just caught up on your blog, and as always find your lovely work so inspiring.
    With less Gardening this Summer, I have found myself having a little more free time, and you know what??? I love it.

  7. So clever! I love creative storage solutions!

  8. What a great idea!

  9. Just seen this on your sidebar. What a wonderful idea. Love it.

  10. Well, aren't you the cat's meow! Bravo. I love, love, creative storage ideas. I'd like to share this on my baby blog and link back to you if you do not mind.


    sew and cro dot com

  11. What a great idea! I can never decide if it's better to organize by color or by number. If I'm following a pattern with numbers, it makes the balls easier to find. What do you think?

  12. Now to figure out a way to store hanks of perle cotton without them ending up in a mess.

  13. Where do you get your DMC pearl cotton. I haven't found any place that carry's that many colors in DMC

  14. I found a way to prevent crochet thread from unwinding, but can't remember which blog I read it on. Just take a small crochet hook - size 7 or thereabouts - and pull the end through a few "windings". It won't slip out until you pull it out. No more tangles. But your egg carton is a great idea, too!


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