Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wait A Minute...What has happened ?

"The Meadow" has been started...
This is the back - I have not cut my ends yet and the design 
is easier to see from the back.

The scene will be a 'dusk' view... the trees will be black - 
silhouetted against a lighter sky, when the sun is setting.
(It is one of my favorite views of the day.)

This is the sweet little bench with a drawer, 
where "The Meadow" rug hooking will be placed...
(I was "over the moon" about this find from the used furniture store.)

The bench will be sanded and painted. 
The top insert will be covered with the rug hooking.

But wait... what is this ??

Someone or something has moved into my "project".
Don't they know this is MINE ?

Meet Rocky...

My 10 year old son has a new pal.
A Leopard Gecko.

What is a girl suppose to do ??
You just haven't lived until you have a boy !
(Speaking from experience...
I have three daughters and one son. ;)

Off to find a new project...


  1. Haha, that is so cute. The story of my life. I have 4 boys and two girls and I understand. I like the gecko. He is very pretty and that is a great stand for his cage.
    I was making a place for all of my rug hooking things and the shelf I had for it now houses all of my son's boardgames. He was so happy, so I totally understand.
    I love your rug.

  2. What a perfect spot for Rocky and even a drawer for supplies. He's handsome! Look at those tiny colored feet!

  3. love the stitchery and the table. don't you just love finding old treasures. the gecko is so cute. looks like he has gotten a wonderful home.

  4. Oh a mama's love!
    So cute too.
    Love your project.
    Woolie Hugs

  5. Oh Rocky is such a handsome fellow and looks right at home on top of your stand. Love the stitchery.


  6. Rocky is adorable!! I've actually wanted a gecko since I was a kid (I had an anole for a while when I was in grade school). Now that I live in Florida, I see lizards all the time - Maybe I'll have to get a little leopard gecko of my own once we move somewhere cold again :)


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