Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cupcakes And Wool Pennies...

Who can resist a cupcake ?
Not a large commitment, just a few small bites of sweet bliss !
Just enough to make you feel like you had a yummy treat.

Especially with names like...
Toffee Caramel Crunch - Banutter Chip
Lemon Zinger - Cookies and Cream
Chocolate Squared - Rocky Road
Vanilla Squared - Strawberry Fields

We LOVE desserts at our house.
In fact, "what is for dessert" is almost as important as "what is for dinner" !

My #2 Daughter is a fabulous baker.
She bakes everything from scratch, (just like her Mama ;)

But... from time to time, she "gifts" us with these completely
indulgent treats from Sublime Cupcakes !

While eating my cupcake, or 2 or 3...
(someone hide this box of cupcakes, please !)

it is time to count pennies...

Lots of wool pennies need to be blanket stitched in place to make my sheep.

She needs to be ready for the Artisans' Porchwalk this Autumn.

Stitching the day away !


  1. hi Rose, just happened on your blog and enjoyed the pictures so much, thanks Granny Trace Scraps and Squares for the link. I am in awe of those of you who work with wool. Also love yo-yos and those I might make sometime. Good Thursday to you.

  2. Well I didn't need to see those goodies! I just came off a cupcake binge. Love those little things. But now everytime I see a wool penny I will crave a cupcake.

  3. The pretty colors on the pennies remind me of the pretty colors on they yummy cupcakes.


  4. Yummy looking cupcakes! I think the majority of them look like there was chocolate involved in the making of them - as it should be! LOL LOVE, love, love your penny sheep - what a clever idea! Now I have a question for you. When I stitch pennies, I start with the smallest size and stitch it to the next larger size, then stitch THAT to the next larger size and stitch THAT to the foundation. I looks like you do it different? Hmmmmm.... might have to give it a try that way?

    1. I just taught a class on Penny Rugs at my Embroidery Guild, and this exact same question came up !
      You are right, I do stitch my Pennies differently than what you do. I think either way is fine to do.
      I am guessing you "make" your stacked Penny and stitch that stacked Penny to the foundation.

      The way I stitch my Pennies results in ALL of the Pennies being stitched to the foundation.
      I believe that the finished project is more stable.
      Also, I don't want to see "poof" with my pennies. Do you know what I mean ?
      When you first stitch a Penny Rug, it all lays nice and flat, but as time passes...
      if all the Pennies are not stitched down to the foundation, they can begin to "puff up".

      Hoping that makes sense !
      (No right or wrong answer, just another way to do it. ;)

      Stitching away...

  5. I love your sheep and I do love sitting and stitching wool pennies. There is something so peaceful about it. Have fun.

  6. oh my... now I want a cupcake! I"m not too far from PA... just might have to go for a roadtrip soon!

    Lovely pennies! I always enjoy seeing your stitches!

  7. Stopping by from "Sew Many Ways" - such cute wooly things! ~ Diana from

  8. Good morning...I came to you from Trace Squares and Scraps.
    Glad I found you. I am a Wool Applique designer and love your blog. I am always looking for folks who enjoy the same thing as I do.
    I see you said you are doing the Artisan's Porch Walk in Lititz...I did it last year. I actually could not be there in person so Susan Burd took care of my space for me. Wish I could do it again but my back says NO!
    I wish you good luck and if I get out there I may just see your booth.
    Are you doing the Lititz Craft Show in August? We are coming out there for it this year again.
    oh I forgot...what wonderful looking cupcakes and I say eat dessert 'first' so you have room for it!!!



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