Tuesday, July 23, 2013

French Country Hen Punch Needle Embroidery...

French Country Hen...

I have been experimenting with different flosses and Perle cottons 
in my Punch Needle Embroidery.

Black and White checked background...

I am looking for depth and contrast.
I like to bring the stitchery "alive" with color and movement.
Not always an easy thing, but worth aiming for ;)

These are my simple and very basic tools for Punch Needle Embroidery.
Why the Ball canning jar, you ask ??

The small Ball canning jar holds my Perle Cotton ball 
in place while I needlepunch.
It fits perfectly when slid between the cushion and arm rest 
and never moves.
The Perle Cotton Ball stays in one place while I punch and punch...

Punching through the week, (literally)... ;)


  1. Awesome idea with the jar! I picked up a punch needle kit at a thrift store.....figured I'd give it a try for a small investment! Thanks for sparking my interest in it! I think I need to get it out and try it! :o)

  2. Loooove your hen and color combo! Yummy and vibrant :)

  3. Love the colors and jar to hold the perle cotton is a great idea. I started a 3 thread embroidery floss needlepunch and just set it aside to start work on Jack. Looks like the perle cotton would go faster. Maybe next time.


  4. I love the small jar idea. I have an old coffee can with a lid. :) I love your punch needle. I have a project sitting right here by me but haven't started it because I can't seem to get my punch needle to look like yours. I love the colors and the vibrancy of that french hen.
    Looking at that piece you are working on is a feast for the eyes.

  5. lovely punch work. I've actually seen the jar with a hole punched in the lid and floss coming out too.

    Happy punching. :)

  6. Lovely work! So vibrant and cheerful! Clever ideal with the jar. So much better than having to chase a ball of yarn around!

  7. Wonderful little hen and such great color choices! Great idea with the jar :)


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