Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let's Pass Some Time Sewing Yo-Yos...

Tiny little yo-yos, cut from crisp, cool cotton, 
using coins as a template. 
(nickels and quarters)

  Gathered with a running stitch...
Simple as can be...

Larger yo-yos, sewn together 
to make a quilt for a single size bed...

I love the appeal of these small circles of colorful cotton.
They remind me of days gone by...
of grandma's house...
just a little "old fashioned",
and yet - timeless.

Yo-Yos are easy to make 
and a perfect way to pass some time !

Enjoy these lazy summer days...


  1. are the queen of tiny little yo-yos! Those are so dang cute! I actually had to lay out my reading glasses just to realize how dang tiny and sweet they are!!!! LOVE 'EM! And you're right....they make me think of sweet little grandma's and old timey bedding, farmhouses, porches, and wildflowers in old vases! How's that for a picture!?! lol

    I think I'm gonna need to make a few now! :o) Thanks!

  2. Wow that's too tiny for me. I need to make them a little larger. Your's are beautiful.


  3. Yep, yo yo's are fun to make - and so portable! Yours are just delightful!

  4. I agree beautiful.
    Old fashioned love :)
    Woolie Hugs

  5. These are lovely and I do like the colours.


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