Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vines Of Beads...

Wool embellished with Hand Embroidery, Glass Beads, 
Crystals and Semi-precious stones...

I first hand embroidered random vines onto a piece of wool 
and then embellished the vines with "Bead" flowers.

Simple to do and I love how they sparkle in the light. ;)

Wishing you a creative weekend !


  1. That is so beautiful. I would love to see them sparkle too. When my Mom was a girl she was in the Blue Birds. Their badges were beads and stuff. I loved looking at it and touching all of the beads she has earned. I still have some of the beads in my button box I got from my grandmother. I bet you really enjoy making that.
    I really enjoyed looking at it.

  2. I'm going to send my beader/hooker/quilter friend your blog so she can see your work. She would absolutely love doing this herself. She is the one who hooked the face purse for me and embellished it with beads.

    Stay cool.


  3. Sooooooo pretty Rose. I don't think my eyes could take the strain.


  4. Your work is so wonderful, Rose! I love the combination of fancy beads and stones with the wool...just beautiful.
    Love the wool bag on your last post...what a great deal!
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  5. visiting from find a friend friday. I love love love this stitching. I am looking through all your posts. Love it


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