Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fabric, Haberdashery And A Pattern ...

Who doesn't like getting packages in the mail ?
I recently won a 'giveaway' from Cath at Bits 'n Bobs.
(Cath is a quilter and does beautiful work.)

Beautiful fabric, luxurious velvet ribbon and two lovely tags.
Beautiful items to assemble a special gift. ;)

I knew I was in for a treat when the package arrived...

Fabric / Haberdashery !
Those words just made me smile !
Thank you, Cath. ;)

Another recent 'giveaway' win !
A gorgeous pattern for a Juvenile Quilt and
Elephant Pull Toy.
I am envisioning this beautiful quilt in colorful wools. ;)

This 'giveaway' was from Reets at Walk on the Wool Side.
(Reets is a Fiber Artist and Pattern Designer.)
Thank you Reets !

This tea will be by my side as I stitch this week.
Amazingly good !

Enjoy your weekend...


  1. Great parcels Rose! Congratulations on your win.

  2. Very nice goodies. Isn't that fun.

  3. Hi Rose, been off line for awhile so missed this post. I will have to steal the photo of your win to pop on my giveaway page because I cannot find the original photo that I took!!! Hope that is ok?


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