Saturday, August 31, 2013

Make A Punch Needle Design 'Pop'...

Punch Needle Design

Where are all the creamy neutral colors ??
They are surrounded by a border of colorful Pennies.

Providing light and dark areas for your eyes to go to,
(to rest upon), makes a design 'pop'.

Calming Neutral Shades...

Some of these neutrals were used
 for the center of this Punch Needle design.

To make the central design 'stand out'...
I added a border of colorful pennies, 
resting in a black border.

Soon to be completed and ready in a
punch needle embroidery pattern.

Enjoy some Saturday stitching time...


  1. Such pretty colors Rose - I think I might be seeing a sheep in the center of this piece? Guess I'll have to wait and see!

  2. Very nice Rose! The wait for the reveal is very exciting :)

  3. I sure hope this comment goes through because my computer has been doing some slow dumb things.
    You are a tease! Love the colors.

  4. no stitching time for me this Sat. Was at the office for 6 hours. Maybe will stitch some tomorrow.


  5. Nice colors and design. I have stitchery floss and solid perle cotton and guess I really should purchase some variegated colors to do a better job when I needlepunch. Where do you purchase your perle cotton?


  6. I need some help. Looking for some black and white striped wool fabric with about 1/4 to 1/2 inch stripes. Any ideas?

  7. I like this idea ... you're so clever! BTW yes I am the Myra that ordered the crow. :-) Love it!!!


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