Friday, August 9, 2013

Punchneedle Backgrounds Using Variegated Perle Cotton...

Using variegated threads in the background of your Punchneedle design, 
can add just the right amount of shading and movement
 to bring your project alive.

There are a few ways to do this...

Valdani Perle Cotton #8 in 0514 Wheat Husk

This is a beautiful shade of variegated Perle Cotton,
that I have punched going back and forth in a straight line.

When I am punching a background, 
I will often choose to do a swirly type of design,
because I like to give the piece a soft
movement and texture.

Think of your background as setting the stage 
for the main design.
(even though the background is usually punched last.)

Other times, I will choose to punch in circles 
with a Variegated Perle Cotton.
This background is punched with
Valdani Perle Cotton #8 in 1 Black, (for the dots)
and 0178 Tea Dyed Stone, (for the circles).

The Tea Dyed Stone Perle is very muted...
it isn't until the piece is completely punched, 
that you can see the slight variations
in this variegated thread.

This is the back of the piece.
You can see more clearly the swirl design.
This piece used Valdani #8 in 0514 Wheat Husk 
for the background.

How do you *easily* punch those swirly designs ??

When you draw your design onto the Weavers Cloth, 
 place a random curved line into the background.
This will start the direction or flow of your punching.

Back of Pumpkin Design

You will punch the curved line with one row 
and then keep punching around that row.
The variegated Perle Cotton will do the rest.
No changing colors, the variations will simply happen.

Valdani #8 Perle Cotton in M806 Earth Teals

Top portion was punched in a straight line, back and forth.
Bottom half is a random swirl.
The stronger the colors, the bolder the variations.

These are just a few ideas for punching a background
using Variegated Perle Cotton.

Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. Thank you thank you. Good information for newbies.

  2. I just bought a needle and cloth and have not yet started a project. Thanks for the info on the background. I love your work and the movement in your stitches. (as well as the color in your projects.)

  3. Rose, this is very interesting, and a great tutorial! The variegated threads look so pretty in your lovely designs. I've never done any punching, but I love the way it looks. I'm going to put this on my list of thing to try! :D Paulette

  4. So far I've only used 6-strand dmc for punching... you have me wanting to try the pearl cottons now... :-)

  5. I've never done punch needle work; I love those variegated color swirls--lovely stuff...Julierose

  6. Punch needle is something I would like to try and yours is beautiful. I'm not sure I want to try it now.


  7. Great tutorial, Rose! I love your examples...I haven't done much punch needle but I want to! Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Linda

  8. This is so great. I really love how perfect your loops are and the colors a fantastic. I posted about my poor excuse for punch needle. Can you look at my picture and give me a idea what I am doing wrong? Is it my stitch length? Thanks

  9. Whoa! Did not know about the variegated for punch needle. I've wanted to learn and I have my Lori recommended needle, so maybe now is a good time. Thanks for the information and great photos of the directional difference.

  10. Wow! Beautiful effect with the swirls. I've tried punching a time or two but can't seem to get the hang of it.

  11. What a great teacher you are! It's wonderful when so much information is shared with others .... Thank You!!

  12. Beautiful. Thank you. I thought you were supposed to do punchneedle with the 3 strand floss though??? Perle cotton would certainly be easier.

  13. Hi Rose, Valdani sent me your link...I too design primitive punchneedle and use their perle, however I've been using 12 with a Bernadine #3 needle. Must try the 8.

  14. Como se teje con esta técnica, como se llama? me gustaria aprender. Que se necesita para hacerlo? Gracias


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