Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Science And Arts...

We recently visited the 
Whitaker Center For Science And The Arts.
They have a "Dino Adventure" exhibit through September 2013.

Amazing creatures, all life size.
The noises coming from this exhibit
were almost enough to raise the hair 
on the back of your neck !

ahh, much more my style !

This was the walkway connecting The Whitaker Center
with Strawberry Square, a lovely shopping experience, 
close to the Capital Building.

The Capital Building 
in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

At the opposite end of this street,
sat a man...

an AMAZING man...

Completely made of metal.
Every detail was perfect, from the drape of his pants
to his grasp on the newspaper.

He was expertly crafted in full and accurate size.

A view of the Susquehanna River

These curved steps caught my eye.
Full of texture...
it looks like Spring, but in fact it is only
the blossoms of a Locust tree 
that have dropped. (in summer)

Enjoy the day...


  1. Скульптура человека невероятно живая! И бабочки из ткани - прекрасная идея!

    1. Translation:
      Sculpture of a man incredibly lively! And the butterfly fabric - great idea!

  2. What fun and wonderful photos.
    Happy Woolie Wednesday!

  3. Love visiting places I will, most likely, not get to see in person...or return to a place I visited many years ago like Harrisburg. I enjoy seeing pics of "adventures". Beautiful shot of the river! Thanks for taking us along.

  4. I am sorry to say I only "discovered" PA about three years ( although I am a long time Steelers fan) and I was raised in MI and lived many years in OH. What a lovely state it is. This capital is beautiful! The rolling hills and magnificent gardens make for a great vacation. And now I want to visit Harrisburg and your hometown as well.

  5. Beautiful pics Rose. I'm a little out of the loop...I didn't even know about The Whitaker Center.

    Then again its been 50 years since I was at the capital building. I need to go back again.

    That statue is marvelous.


  6. what a very nice day.
    I loved it all.

  7. Rose, thanks for sharing the pics from your day in Harrisburgh. I enjoyed all of them but then I wanted to sweep the steps! What does that mean?

    We're almost to the weekend :)

  8. Hi Rose! :D What a lovely blog you have! I look forward to lots more visits here in the future. ...and that metal man IS amazing! Paulette

  9. What a beautiful dome on the Capital your blog!


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