Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Most Beautiful Embroidery Magazine...

 Hand Embroidered Bag - project from "Inspirations Magazine" - Issue 13 / 1997

I just received my Inspirations Magazine !
It is said to be 
"The World's Most Beautiful Embroidery Magazine"
(...and I fully agree !)

This magazine is captivating, motivating 
and filled with amazing stitching !

The glossy pages are filled with gorgeous hand embroidery designs...

Designs for all skill levels...

Easy to understand "step by step" instructions, 
(with visuals), for how to make certain stitches...

Each of the featured designs  
has instructions for you to follow, 
often with lift out patterns in the back of the magazine.

"Inspirations" also showcases different threads, 
needle choices, scissors 
and items of interest to the hand embroiderer.

This is a beautiful magazine 
with a wealth of projects and instruction.

"Inspirations" can be purchased 
through Country Bumpkin,
or a Barnes and Noble store.

Have a relaxing evening...


  1. Just Exquisite Rose! That magazine, with all the photos & instructions, would make me try things that I would normally consider intimidating.

    Thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. Does indeed look very lovely. I may have to find one. I don't get to Barnes and Noble that often.


  3. You are correct...the magazine has some breathtaking needle work. I did check out the link. I love the coffee cozy. As a beginner, I think I could handle this project.

  4. Very intricate masterpieces in there! Looks like a great magazine to daydream with! :-)

  5. There was a time that I was wrapped up in embroidery, but then also had my fling with knitting, crocheting, penny rugging, dollmaking, etc. While I do enjoy the beauty and delicacy of embroidery I'm presently content with my rug hooking. BUT, still have all my embroidery floss grouped by color and number should I ever venture there again.

    Have a great weekend.


  6. Thank you for sharing, I have never seen that magazine before. It is just lovely. I will look for it.


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