Friday, September 27, 2013

Disappearing Snowmen...

As I was punching the background 
on this snowman punch needle design...
something wasn't sitting right.
The more of the background that I punched, 
the more the snowmen seemed to 
just blend in and...

I love the frosty blue color of the background -
icy and wintry. 
But the more I punched, 
the more I could see it wasn't working.

When working with fiber and textiles, it is 
good to play darks off of lights and lights off of darks.
It will help you to balance the design and focal point.

Time to tear out... not liking to do this...
it is costly and a waste of valuable time...
but sometimes very necessary.
(Occasionally I will wind up the Perle Cotton 
to be used again, but not this time.)

I had to change out the twig arms 
to a lighter brown, so that they would 'show up' 
with the darker background,
otherwise, all else stayed the same.

Really like how the snowmen 'pop' 
with the new background.

By changing the background to a darker shade,
I was able to make the light colored snowmen 
the main focus of this punch needle design.

Now, on to a finish...

Have a wonderful crisp, Autumn weekend !


  1. The light background was very pretty and frosty but I can see your dilemma. The dark background really does pop it.

  2. Oh how sad. Don't you just hate to un-punch, or un-quilt, or un anything? I have to say, the darker background does look wonderful though:)
    Love your blog.

  3. It was a cold wintery night indeed and the snowmen were out to play! Beautiful!!!

  4. I've never done punch needle before, Rose, so I'm just wondering.....what would the effect be if you were to have outlined the snowmen with a darker thread, then do the light background? Does that ever work, or does it just look dumb? I remember when I used to do cross-stitch, and that tiny little black outline really made everything pop so nicely. And I see in the 3rd pick that you outlined them to start the dark background around them, and I was just thinking maybe that could be another option. Or is that frowned upon, like it's 'not the right way to do it'. (I've had older gals 'tsk tsk' me for the way I do some of my crafts, so I'm just wondering. lol) I love the dark background now, though, so even though you had to pull out all that beautiful work, it was the right choice! :o)

  5. Oh my yes I can see a big difference. Sorry you had to tear out though.


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