Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hand Dyed Houndstooth...

On my table today...

~ Glorious Houndstooth ~

I love Houndstooth - 
it looks good in Rug Hooking, giving just a hint of texture.
It works well with Wool Applique and Embellishment.
And, because of it's small print, 
it is a great choice for Sewing Crafts.

Hand Dyed Houndstooth Wool

This Houndstooth Wool, (as well as others), 
is available in my Studio now.

Chili Pepper - Vivid Pink - Kiwi
Ripened Plum - Vibrant Orange
Yellow - Candy Blue - Cocoa
Mineral Blue


The New Fall Issue of
Sweet Paul Magazine is out !
If you haven't seen this magazine before,
you are in for a treat.
Click for a "Sneak Peek".

Enjoy this beautiful day !


  1. What vibrant colors...very in right now.
    Love these.

  2. It was a gorgeous day. Makes me happy all over.


  3. Love the houndstooth fabrics...oh the possibilities are endless :)

    Thanks for sharing the link to Sweet Paul. I've not seen that magazine before...I started looking through but had to come back and comment. I'll finish the magazine tonight.

    Have a great weekend.


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