Sunday, September 22, 2013

Harvest And Snowmen...

Golden Tobacco

Tobacco is a big crop in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
I have been told, the "golden" tobacco is more valuable.

After it is cut, it is hung upside down 
and left to dry in the sun, before going to the barns 
to be hung and dried further.
(an Amish scooter waits for its rider)

This is another way to dry the tobacco in the sun.
Stacked on tobacco lathe.
(depends on the farmer as to what they prefer)

All along the countryside, this is the sight...
Tobacco harvest time.

Today is the first full day of Fall !
Time to bring out the bucket of scarves, hats and gloves
and set them by the front door.

It is the perfect place...
grab a scarf on the way out the door 
to chase off the early morning chill.

I always keep a few extra in the bucket
for "snowman" making !
(Last October we had a few inches of snow !)

My Punchneedle snowmen are wearing the latest 
fashion in scarves, hats, earwarmers and mittens !
(actually they are last years styles, whatever was left 
in the bucket...but they don't mind !)

A gathering of snowmen !

Enjoy this amazing Autumn day !


  1. Cute snowmen! I was in PA yesterday... admiring the rows of grapevines... lovely countryside views!

  2. WOW--we are still having some heat waves--yesterday it was 72 and the dewpt was 69--ugh! I can't wait for cool, crisp Autumn days to those snowmen! hugs, Julierose

  3. The Amish are harvesting their tobacco up here too.

    Love love love your snowmen.


  4. The tabacco fields are so picturesque! I love seeing crop fields.....the colors and lush textures are so beautiful. And those snowmen are so dang cute!

  5. Don't know why but it seems funny to me that the Amish would grow tobacco. Love to see the green crops. I LOVE your snowmen! So stinkin' cute!! Hope they will be a pattern you will sell.

  6. I have always wanted to see tobacco growing and harvested. Some of my favorite books would talk about it but I could never see it in my mind. It looks a lot like Mullen growing. I love your snowmen. They are so pretty and look like just ready for winter.
    I hope you have a lovely fall day.

  7. Oh my goodness anytime anyone says 'Lancaster' I get so homesick...I'm not from there but after 30+ years of coming out there I get missing it and the Tobacco pictures are just beautiful and I've seen it built up like that before. So pretty really.
    I love your Snowman punch - just too cute.

  8. Happy Autumn Rose. I love your snowmen! Unfortunately, we are far from scarf weather here but I enjoy seeing everyone's pictures.

  9. Oh, I love your snowmen! So cheerful and whimsical! Tobacco is a pretty plant. I have never seen it before.


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