Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meadow Flowers Punchneedle Design...

Meadow Flowers...
growing wild along the roadsides and in the fields.

Their simple shapes and colors highlighted
 in the golden September sun.

"Meadow Flowers" Punch Needle Embroidery
uses rustic, earthy shades of Valdani Perle Cotton...

 Ripened Plum - Primitive Blue
Backyard Honeycomb - Aged Wine
Mulberry Grape - Cinnamon Swirl
Herb Garden -  Mountain Hike
Cottage Smoke - Old Rose
and more...
(Just the names alone, sound rich and Autumn like !)

These blooms haven't a care in the world.
Happy to gather in a rustic old pot.

 "Meadow Flowers" punchneedle design
is available in the Studio now.
Design size is 7in. x 8in. (17.78cm x 20.32cm)

Wishing you a lovely Autumn evening...


  1. Beautiful and cheerful design. I really love the way you do your backgrounds. Very soft yet flow-y

  2. It turned out great! Love that you use color. I did one silly little design (just learning) and figured a few things out. Now I need to do something 'real.' It's kinda like a mid-evil stress reliever - makes ya feel good:)

  3. Oh what a beautiful piece Rose.

  4. I have been meaning to learn needle punch. This is lovely!

  5. Beautiful! Great design Rose. I need a lesson in this craft. The finished product is so elegant. Can you recommend an online course or some other material to help beginners?


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