Friday, September 13, 2013

Warm Rich Punch Needle Colors...

Punch Needle Embroidery

Really like the warm, rich colors of these flowers...
the swirly fern frond, the 'beauty line' within the border 
and the rounded corners.
All giving this piece softness and movement.

I am punching the background using 
Valdani Perle Cotton, 'Cottage Smoke'.

I love how, with each row you punch, 
it layers in all that beautiful shading 
with absolutely no effort at all.

I outlined the flowers and then filled in 
the background, following the outline...

The background looks old, kind of vintage.

More to come as this project nears completion...

"Discovery consists of 
looking at the same thing as everyone else 
and thinking something different."
Roger von Oech

Have a beautiful weekend !


  1. Beautiful piece Rose! Can't wait to see more.

  2. I'm really getting the bug for a punch!

  3. Gorgeous, vibrant colors. 'Love them!

  4. I have never done this punch needle work but oh my yours is just gorgeous !

  5. Finally getting to catch up on my blogs.....and this lovely punchneedle work is stunning! I love everything about it! And I see that I missed your bday......Happy Belated! :o) Looks like you had a wonderful time of it....and yes....I want that cement sink, too! LOL


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