Saturday, October 19, 2013

Moved By Color...

Beautiful shades of Valdani Perle Cotton 
are arriving in the Studio...

Aged White - Iris Petals - Mauve Orchid
Summer Sky - Forest Greens
Herb Garden - Aged Black - Cinnamon Swirl

I love seeing different shades of color...
and it doesn't hurt to have that color wrapped
up perfectly !

Sometimes, I have have been known to choose colors
and only after the colors are chosen -
design a pattern that uses those colors !
The color 'calls my name' 
and I dream of new designs to use it in.

I'm sure others have had that same experience. ;)
(Who hasn't bought fabric, with no idea of how they would use it ??  
...just because it was too beautiful to pass up !)

And, speaking of colors...
A while back I did a post on 

I use fishing tackle boxes...
the floss fobs fit perfectly.

Maybe I should have mentioned...
DON'T move the boxes without first being sure
the sides are latched !

This was after I gathered the fobs (about 100+) 
and neatly turned them to reveal their color number.  
Fortunately my daughter said she
would organize them for me !

Have an amazing weekend...


  1. Fantastic way to store your floss. Since I have a smaller collection of perle and embroidery floss mine is stored in those flat containers you get at JoAnne fabrics or craft stores. One day, One day, I'm going to needle punch myself a piece using that type of floss. But I have few hooked rugs started which need to be done first.


  2. I am getting inspired by the names of those colors! I think it would be fun to have a job coming up with all the names for the threads!!
    Lovely colors and what a neat storage idea!

    Cathy G

  3. I really do love those colors too. I have dumped my beads that I have for jewelery making the same way, by not locking the box when I moved it. So nice that our daughter is going to organize them for you. That is so sweet. I admit to doing things by color too. I have done my rugs just so I can use a color I love. Lovely Photos.

  4. Rose, love that black and white with green in your header. Stunning!

  5. How 'bout that Rose. I store my DMC in a tack box too....and I've dumped it more than once. You learn very quickly to make sure that latch in on tight:))))
    Love those Valdani colors. Smiles, Nan

  6. The colors are just beautiful and working with Valdani is a joy isn't it ? I wonder if my husband would mind if his tackle was on the shed floor and I re-purposed his box for floss ? - Oh wait, he has 3, I should be able to use one of them! Ha ha ha. Anyhow - thanks for the great tip -- time to get my own tackle box!

  7. Oh my, my, my, what a splendid colour palette...lovely, jeweled orbs, patiently waiting to take form. And a perfect storage solution for floss...thank you for sharing such a wonderful suggestion.
    Happy day to you ...

  8. The Valdani is so beautiful. How many colors are there? And how do you organize them? I have collected all of the DMC and store them carded in numerical order in 5 floss boxes. I have their thread book to see which color I would want to handy.
    I would love to start collecting the Valdani.....sigh.
    You are Blessed to have such a sweet daughter to organize them again!

  9. Stopping by from Sew Many Ways...and and truly inspired by your blog! I love wool and perle cotton. So enjoyed your idea of storing it in egg cartons.

    Val from

  10. Truly beautiful.
    I have totes of fabricand wool I bought unsure what I would use them for. :)
    I love the snowman pattern.
    Woolie Blessings


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