Thursday, October 24, 2013

Red Wool Hand Warmers...

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

My #3 Daughter made these adorable hand warmers
from soft hand dyed wool.

She hand embroidered "Cold hands" on one...

and "Warm heart" on the other.

She filled them with a smidge of poly-fil
and lots of rice.

Place them in the microwave for 30 seconds.
Toasty warm hands on a blustery, chilly day !

They fit perfectly in your hands and pockets. ;)

This simple gift warms my heart !


  1. Oh, how adorable they are Rose. Looks like creativity runs in the family. I may be headed your way on the 8th for the Days Gone By open house. Maybe we can meet up for lunch. Hugs, Nan

  2. Well isn't that a fantastic idea. I have rice in an old sock which I heat up and use for a stiff neck but never thought about making hand warmers when I walk my boy Ben. Great idea.


  3. Useful and cute! A budding artist or inventor or both. Kudos to the daughter.

  4. So lovely your daughter does beautiful work.

  5. I love your daughters red woolie hearts of love.
    Just wonderful.
    Woolie woolie hugs

  6. Love these. Super cute. I like what you wrote on each one :)

  7. So cute Rose! Your daughter is also very creative!


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