Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tools Of The Trade...

I am always looking for ideas 
for storage of textile related tools.

I rotate between many different projects
and like to have my tools in one place
to "grab and go" for each project.

  • Scissors - big and small
  • Pin cushion - with a large assortment of pins
  • Needle keeper - with all sizes of needles and threader
  • Paper and Pencil with a good eraser - for drawing sketches of new designs
  • Tape measure
  • Sharpie Markers - to transfer both rug hooking and punch needle designs
  • Current project threads and perle cotton
  • Ultra Punch needle - in a box with threaders
  • Hoop - I rarely use a hoop, However I keep a small one in the caddy for small punch needle projects.  (I keep larger hoops and frames on my wool hutch within easy reach.)
  • Rug Hook

I purchased this caddy at Wal-Mart for a mere $2.88.
Knowing what I know now, 
I wish I would have purchased several !

One for Embroidery
One for Punch Needle
One for Rug Hooking...
(but then where to store them ??)

Enjoy this beautiful day...


  1. What a good idea, I bought one of those things to carry my cleaning supplies from room to room and I never do so it is sitting on the floor of my pantry, (the cleaning things I just carry or have them in each room) I think it makes more sense to put my sewing things in, I would have never thought of using this until this post so thank you.
    You always do have great ideas for storing things.

  2. I have a big container that everything gets jumbled in, so I am definitely purchasing a caddy like this. Thanks.

  3. they are neat little caddies. I keep cleaning supplies in one of those.


  4. I love this! Organization at it's best.

    It would be a dream to hang out with you just one day and learn out to punch needle and organize my supplies. Ever thought about giving lessons? ;)


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