Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Punchneedle Pillow "Finish"...

As we continue to look at different 
finishing techniques for Punch Needle work...
lets take a look at making a Pillow 
from your Punch Needle Embroidery.

(No sewing machine needed !)

First let me say, there are so very many ways to 
make a pillow.  This is only one way, but certainly 
not the only way.

After completing your punchneedle piece,
press with an iron.
Trim the Weavers Cloth to approximately
1.25 inches on all sides. Fold Weavers Cloth 
to the back of piece and press with an iron.

Using a good fabric adhesive,
secure the Weavers Cloth to the back of your piece.
Allow to dry.

Spread fabric adhesive over the entire 
back of Punchneedle piece.

Center the punchneedle piece onto a piece of wool.
This wool will "frame" your piece on the pillow.

Press firmly onto the wool backing.
I do this on a piece of wax paper,
to keep table clean.
Allow to dry.

Trim the backing wool so that it is even on all sides.
You can round the corners at this time, if you like.

Cut two equal pieces of wool for the pillow.
When working with wool fabric, 
I cut the wool 1/2 inch less than the size 
of the actual pillow.
(For a 16in. x 16in. pillow,
you would cut 15.5in. x 15.5in.)
I like rounded corners,
however you can keep your corners square,
if you prefer.

Center your Punchneedle onto one of
the large wool pieces.  Pin in place.

Blanket Stitch into place.

Although the punchneedle piece has been
attached with fabric adhesive, I prefer 
to use a wide running stitch around the edge
of the punchneedle piece for stability.
(tacking it in place)

I use a small round rubber gripper 
to pull the needle through quickly.
I am careful to place the stitches
between the punches.

This is how the back will look.

This is the front.  You won't be able to see 
the running stitch, if you are careful to place the 
stitches between punches.

Pin the front of the pillow to the back,
wrong sides together.

I did a Beaded Blanket Stitch around 
three sides of pillow.

Insert Pillow form.
Pin fourth side of pillow and continue
with Beaded Blanket Stitch to close.

Pillow complete 
with no sewing machine needed !

A record high of 58 degrees today
in Pennsylvania ! 
Enjoy your weekend ...


  1. This truly is a fabulous finish! And, a very clearly written tutorial! I just might try something similar with my next punched piece! Thank you!

  2. Good Afternoon Rose, Happy New Year to you..... sorry I am a little late in sending you all the best for the New Year, but I have had my lovely family visiting over the Christmas and so I am a little behind with things.
    Your cushion is so very beautiful and the finish is gorgeous. I love how you have added beads around the edge of the pillow. Do you know I love bead work, but I have never done any punched needle work.... you are certainly tempting me to try.
    Best Wishes

  3. AWESOME!!!! Even I can do this!! Where do you get these beads?

  4. fabulous pillow, exceptionally done.

    I think I know but why do you make the pillow outside smaller, so the pillow will be more plump?

  5. That looks so nice Rose. Not to mention I wish you great things for your new 2014 endeavor. I think that will be wonderful.
    I do love that magazine too. I hope you have a nice warm day today.

  6. Great project Rose. I love the bead trim!

  7. Another beautiful project much love for your work.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  8. I love it! I do wonder though, when you're doing the running stitch around the punched piece, is it hard to get a needle through since it's got glue on the back?


  9. Looks great from start to finish! Wonderful instructions and your pillow looks so well done :)

  10. Hi Rose - Great way to display a piece! You do such large punch needle projects - mine are always pretty tiny in comparison!

  11. Happy New Year Rose! I just adore everything you do! This pillow is so, sooo pretty! Thanks for explaining how you put it all together. :) xo

  12. To answer a few questions that have come up...
    I cut my wool fabric slightly smaller than the pillow form, because wool fabric has a certain amount of "give". By cutting the wool fabric just a bit smaller, it allows the wool to lay nicely with no "sagging".

    The Fabric Adhesive I use remains flexible when dry, unlike other adhesives like "Fabri-Tac" that dry hard .
    There is a very small resistance when pulling the needle through the backing and I use a small rubber disc to grip the needle to make it easier to pull through.

  13. Wow!
    I love it Rose.
    You are so talented.
    I love everything you make.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Woolie Joy

  14. Rose that is a beautiful finish! I so admire the work that you do.I am going to try that beaded blanket stitch.Thanks for the wonderful tutorial.Hugs,Jen

  15. Very nice tutorial. Like the beading outside. Will have to try it. I LoVe needle punch!
    Hugs Marg


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